Anchor Discusses On-Air Dog Bite

Denver's Kyle Dyer needed 70 stitches and plastic surgery after dog bit her lip.
0:57 | 02/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anchor Discusses On-Air Dog Bite
-- Denver television news anchor who had her upper lip torn off by an 85 pound Argentine massive during a live interview. -- telling her story the Don had been rescued from an icy lake in Kyle Dyer was interviewing the dog's owner when she leaned -- Apparently too close to surgeries and seventy stitches later Dyer says in an interview with the Denver Post that she feels lucky it could have been worse. In this business yes what you look like -- a lot. What this whole experience has taught means that it's more than that in May seem like -- superficial business. With the people out there in Colorado not superficial the way that they've reached out to me. Mainly known. -- beautiful inside. -- -- -- -- Dyer says in a way. This has been in positive experience for her and she says she's glad the dog is back home after it spent ten days in mandatory quarantine.

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{"id":15785446,"title":"Anchor Discusses On-Air Dog Bite","duration":"0:57","description":"Denver's Kyle Dyer needed 70 stitches and plastic surgery after dog bit her lip.","url":"/US/video/anchor-discusses-on-air-dog-bite-15785446","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}