Andre Curry Released From Jail

Curry was arrested after posting a picture of his bound daughter on Facebook.
1:48 | 01/28/12

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Transcript for Andre Curry Released From Jail
He's charged with aggravated domestic battery and unlawful restraint after several weeks in jail -- -- was released last night's. Curry was behind bars police say after a photograph was posted on FaceBook. Reports alleged that 21 year old Andrea curry bound his then 22 month old daughter's hands feet and -- with blue tape. Took a picture and then posted it on FaceBook the picture then appeared on web sites like smoking gun dot com. The blurred out the girl's face to protect her identity. Curry pleaded not guilty his mother stands by her son. I'm happy that it's time. It was a mistake. -- malicious intent on criminal minds and and love doesn't. Rather than less. This kind of thing happened right. Perry's family. Close to 10% to be reduced 30000 dollar bail ordered by the judge. The State's attorney's office says this is a severe offense and calls the -- quote appropriate in the -- time. Priest pastor says the man is getting counseling. -- -- You know all young and make mistakes and so we think that very. Today we think that he could benefit from not just parenting classes but also classes from. Did he can learn how to mentor of the. He still not allowed to see his daughter used the Internet -- even have contact with other minors as he awaits his trial. Perry's lawyers as he is -- that person who always provides for his daughter and knows what he did last update mistake you -- -- yet you know. You build -- -- him. Did you learn to be -- Perry and a little girls and mothers shared custody. -- mean -- says it's been difficult knowing her daughter can't see her father and went on and.

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{"id":15463970,"title":"Andre Curry Released From Jail","duration":"1:48","description":"Curry was arrested after posting a picture of his bound daughter on Facebook. ","url":"/US/video/andre-curry-released-jail-15463970","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}