Animals Seized in Arizona Hoarding Case

93 dogs and five exotic birds were seized from a private residence.
1:14 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for Animals Seized in Arizona Hoarding Case
92 -- and dogs with the second chance at a healthy life. Rescued from unhealthy and even deadly conditions -- Unbelievable what we've seen the dogs along with five exotic birds are all taken from this trailer. Inside the floors were layered with several inches of fecal matter. No food or water for the animals anywhere in sight and most of the dogs would be roaming outside at. In the day and then at night they would come into the place and -- be more docile that way. A couple lifted the trailer it -- conditions as well they are now being investigated for possible criminal and civil charges. They were not injured but it's possible they live like this for years I mean this is what he's telling us telling the officers. They start -- four years ago and he only had four and again. Four years later he has 93 and mean it obviously got out of hand officials were called the rural home by concerned resident. Animal care officials say there was no indication the couple was trying to breed the animals. -- one of several hoarding cases and now county over the past year the numbers and conditions making it one of the worst despite it all early indications. -- that mostly animals will be adopt people.

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{"id":15506732,"title":"Animals Seized in Arizona Hoarding Case","duration":"1:14","description":"93 dogs and five exotic birds were seized from a private residence.","url":"/US/video/animals-seized-in-arizona-hoarding-case-15506732","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}