Ann Coulter rips Delta Airlines, customer on Twitter

"The View" co-hosts discuss Coulter's controversial tweets.
2:36 | 07/17/17

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Transcript for Ann Coulter rips Delta Airlines, customer on Twitter
And colts. Went on would have ran against delta but after big game but wait is seen as she booked. She even posted. A picture of the woman who got her C. That one a woman's fault that she got the seat they gave credit Nancy and that yeah I got I that was right with her hours and right with it until I saw back on land. What because I feel like if you pay recede ever seen away yeah laughs I'm and that's the plane has taken off and I'm just a Robin. I'm going to get there. You and you leave and till that. Door closes. Let me get some icy actually spent weeks and weeks planning honesty what is in this cemetery plot it's just feet on a plane hit I. We didn't we simply isn't exactly OK let's see it. She told her the airlines that had doubts she paid thirty dollars for that seat she put out the window seat in an exit row and that should change its one in the eye outlets in 24 hours before so that we she gets there she doesn't get back I'll see instead she got a windows the in the same route but that he got an exit scene which is fine what's wrong with a negative when he denied that cannot wanted to be what I get it she's mad like maybe she didn't want to be by the wouldn't take the seat. It was like ours and that's like I understand you tweeted out because she has a lot of followers you have got our you can. I get it and in the benefit of rage I've done that been like UPS went in a like you do it but they went on for hours and then when your. This woman could have gotten harassed the hour I don't know she don't do that Ann Coulter called people's snowflakes a lot of sense if you. Every sensitive to and yes I called back benefits that that's a thing is that he knows what the airline not with the passengers and admit that picture was too much I mean I was wrong but I don't Ellis and a funny they treated act we're sorry you did not receive the preferred C paid for we'll refund your thirty dollars. I additionally your insults about other customers and employees are unacceptable and unnecessary that true. I'm I don't think delta was was in the in the wrong when she comes out with something like that she's selling the buck this time there was nothing now it's not certain just mad men and everybody understands the man act you know you just. He could you what you would have had us and you know give it my damn see if it hadn't taken a picture. And and seldom opened this girl up to impossible nastiness and you know. Witness always. It happens because this is what life.

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{"id":48683783,"title":"Ann Coulter rips Delta Airlines, customer on Twitter","duration":"2:36","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Coulter's controversial tweets.","url":"/US/video/ann-coulter-rips-delta-airlines-customer-twitter-48683783","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}