Anthony Shadid Dead at 43

Top war correspondent had an asthma attack crossing from Syria into Turkey.
1:13 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for Anthony Shadid Dead at 43
One of the nation's top war correspondents has died covering the uprising in Syria. Anthony shot indeed was a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for the New York Times he died. Apparently from -- asthma attack triggered by an allergic reaction. -- it's just we three. He was walk across the border. From Syria and Turkey and he was -- behind some horses in the he's had as most -- XP actually allergic to horses. -- He had medication with -- and -- and -- but evidently he had severe attack and collapsed in. -- -- A photographer was ripping him he tried to reside -- CPR. Mount mount but. He was successful he carried won't cross border and and they. -- a minute or -- taking -- -- isolated areas there and they took him. -- the court to Turkey but it was at least two hours before they got to -- hospital. And he just -- --

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{"id":15715984,"title":"Anthony Shadid Dead at 43","duration":"1:13","description":"Top war correspondent had an asthma attack crossing from Syria into Turkey.","url":"/US/video/anthony-shadid-dead-at-43-15715984","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}