Anti-Muslim Film Actress Talks With 'The View'

Cindy Lee Garcia tells Chris Cuomo and the co-hosts she was duped into making the movie.
3:00 | 09/26/12

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Transcript for Anti-Muslim Film Actress Talks With 'The View'
Many in this country and around the world still reeling from the deaths of the US ambassador to Libya. Allegedly inspired by an anti Islamic film called. In a sense of Muslims. It is a film that Muslims believe was directed at them it is intentional hate speech and it's set off these things. We later learned that the person who made this film did it is somewhat of a sham a -- to the other. Actors in the film they didn't know what was going on -- now death threats many are in hiding. But Cindy Lee Garcia who was in the film has come out to speak about what really happened what is known and it's very important. Happy to have you here with us today very much for joining us. -- -- Deal with what must be said tell us what did you think this film was did you know that it was going to be anti Muslim not at all. Where and I -- she because she called him out to -- auditioned for the film the film is called desert warriors. And it was based on an adventure film 2000 years ago in the desert. And while we were on set filming there -- sword fighting. I was had my script for my roles that was the only script that I had never once was mentioned Mohammed -- most loved. Or even -- we were giving any. Inkling that there was -- me about going on. -- to sell as I knew him that producer the writer. He let us know that he was so happy that he wrote this. Film and he was policy asking us how do you like it and it was fun. There was so much. That I was left in the dark to you know until. I finally did see their fourteen minute clip which was a year later because I kept trying to pull out my just look -- -- MTV credits. Under desert warriors and I couldn't find it anywhere he. And self interest even -- you were new to acting yes under this was a 500 no apart you can I'm relatively small role -- for -- man. I love acting I love Hollywood you know I'm also a minister I've been watching. Good films for a long time you know and -- a have a talent for acting for action and drama so. Well -- -- just like Chris was saying this this film has caused massive unrest they have been deaths protest. And a lot of the actors in the film have been getting death threats including U. You've had to go into hiding they've gone into hiding when you've not gone Italian right here the the other actors have gone into hiding but you are speaking out publicly is there reason why are you coming up club. They are speaking out partly -- because I don't want. The Muslim world to think that America is behind this I don't want them to think that I am behind this. I'm a pastor of the church I have been a pastor for over fifteen years and Mike congregation knows me that I love Christ that I've never typed into hate. Other religions are other people's belief we. You've done -- is that have been -- on the right in the Middle East so people know that. That this was not the -- used much of -- because if you watch said. It's very clear that it has been dubbed over exactly you know you can see that that -- What is being said is not what is being said by the -- but have you contacted any of these. In my is here to sit down with them and show them how -- it was dubbed over so that they can then spread the word because I think. While -- -- don't know much about movie making they don't know how that works so would that be helpful contacting. The Muslim community I have spoken with the Middle East at least four times and I have got good response. From so many -- face -- we believe he we can tell. From your heart when -- speaking that what you were saying your words -- you're truthful and honest and it was beautiful to me to get that response. So many of them respond to me and -- So really not your responsibility if you think about it in your victim in this situation -- seal fake name -- real name is -- cool in the cool he's in hiding. He needs to come up because he was too much of a coward to be open about what he was trying to do. -- and he created things have created finalists would get active that's right and ignorance he needs to be held to account. Yet and yet and Cindy right new -- say that you forgive him of course have for him because you're good Christian -- because god commands to for him. And he will answer to god one day hisself like time I spoke with them to sell the day everything broke loose in Libya I had him logged -- my cellphone. And what do you say well after I saw everything on the news I call them and I -- why did she do this to us. And he said Cindy suvs all the broadcast networks are coming at me he -- tell the world you're innocent tell them that he did this. That he was tired of the radical Muslims killing innocent people. And that he was from Israel why didn't he just did an Israel -- -- I don't believe anything he knows -- -- day. -- -- The question becomes them. If you feel like that. Then you stand up and to take the heat -- What -- basically did was you've made a movie that cost other people their lives through what is you know people at least have been killed of those riots in what may be more. I mean he is responsible for the content that I would like to say something about our ambassador. You know he -- the Libyan people. When I saw his face he was it -- elements he was happy he was doing something he loved he was committed. And my heart goes out his family. -- Cindy we have an audience your attorney Chris -- -- and Chris UN Cindy you're suing the filmmaker for fraud and slander. And you suing YouTube to force the -- the film completely off the way up. Now how -- you think this film -- got to come down. Well it's been announced that the First Amendment right and I think people forget is there is a first -- right to say we think. There's also personal right to not be forced to say that which you don't think -- and that is exactly what's happened here or someone put words in -- me Garcia's mouth. To make her look like a religious -- -- and she isn't. So we're doing is providing YouTube and Google he most non controversial political vehicle in the easiest -- be legal vehicle. To get the content off the web and we really believe wouldn't succeed in the. Hopefully doesn't get caught up in the traditional notions of the First Amendment allowing everything to be out there is an idea because she was made to say things that we're not her own words. It's an important points -- only make things and they dubbed big WD absolutely. Important distinction. Thank you for telling us the truth today good luck to you going forward I'm sorry that we mentioned in this position but thank you for coming -- to everybody our thanks to Cindy -- --

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{"id":17329329,"title":"Anti-Muslim Film Actress Talks With 'The View'","duration":"3:00","description":"Cindy Lee Garcia tells Chris Cuomo and the co-hosts she was duped into making the movie.","url":"/US/video/anti-muslim-film-actress-cindy-lee-garcia-talks-view-17329329","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}