Anti-Violence Rapper Killed in Chicago Shooting

Police have arrested two men in connection with the death of Christopher Thomas.
3:00 | 12/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anti-Violence Rapper Killed in Chicago Shooting
How rap -- speaking out against the violence and homicides in the city. The artists -- 48 year old Christopher Thomas now a victim of Chicago's murder spree in -- twelve. 503. Homicides so far this year. Now the suspected -- -- out. We'll be -- of this moment. -- -- the violence in him on and on TV. The two dynamics that -- heat your home. Crystal -- says her brother may have been a target because of his anti violence message. Thomas now leaves behind a nine year old daughter -- episodes. -- -- -- some whom it happened in the Washington park neighborhood around 5 o'clock Sunday evening. Police responded quickly and actually saw two men fleeing the scene. They've chased the suspects on the Dan Ryan where their car crash eventually police caught them and brought them into custody in various central. Also over the -- and two others killed and at least eleven others wounded in the south Roseland neighborhood in nineteen year old man was found shot to death in an Alley. And the city's northwest side another nineteen year old who was with the group of men also was shot multiple times and he died at Schroder. Late this morning -- news conference at saint Sabina church where the outspoken father later brought attention to the high number of incidents this year killing people like Thomas. Can't just deal with the numbers give you an idea what the cause of it and we got to face that had. And we also got -- some of these unsolved cases I mean if there's no consequence to shooting and killing in a case -- -- being solved. The message on the street is is very unlikely you're gonna get caught.

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{"id":18102123,"title":"Anti-Violence Rapper Killed in Chicago Shooting","duration":"3:00","description":"Police have arrested two men in connection with the death of Christopher Thomas.","url":"/US/video/anti-violence-rapper-killed-chicago-shooting-18102123","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}