Arizona Plane Crash 911 Tapes

Pinal County Sheriff's department releases 911 calls placed by witnesses.
4:33 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for Arizona Plane Crash 911 Tapes
He's never run an agency publicly that he and I -- the superstition mountains to get to the top. It's negative to its final -- we're watching the flyover and anticipated -- -- the plane that it is the amount of gunfire. Out. But the top -- That's just -- yet. I'm not -- gunfire on the continent it is option. Didn't see the -- was flying blind. Oh my god. You're watching the -- that we lived up here and it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can watch it collapse yet -- -- the party. -- actually don't under don't -- -- -- -- out -- couldn't see anything but we just heard the -- we're watching it. And they just kind of let into the Quicken Loans. -- -- Color the color anything you -- like it sounded like a little playing like a little you know let little Cessna or something like that's. It's not cancer it's a hot half off you know it would -- the crop duster like as you know -- -- small plane like you know. It's definitely you know the computer courses are some like that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Alcohol cocaine -- how wrong with the tying run in the area if you. Came into the area we look at -- another jet built by it has -- planet not direction which was weird -- So we're disciplined we're watching and ultimately hurt the plane and we're watching it -- help them get food dispersing the flames. I went right into the mountain. -- we see them on it's on fire. Hi there yes well it blew up when it -- different -- -- that big explosion when it. I think it -- pop pop pop pop our look at surrogate current -- and make -- -- In London and seeing what did you location and -- -- looking at nine. Carter action Arcandor well not conjure and it can't -- right at the flat -- There's a fire on how life without called me he can't get hurt playing and -- Blatter on fire it also has. Crashed apparent cocaine and we want to call out we're -- and -- -- -- UK and here think he'll. Benevolent in Argentine particular location. -- without parole parole. A proper. Yeah optical start looking in the river police. We think a plane just crashed in the superstitions. Can have multiple -- -- at any kind of information the number. And -- market -- All he did and he felt two decision. That the city that is on fire now. About -- that he accidentally multiple OK OK and there. And an emergency management. Apache junction head -- out at -- -- he -- possible link collapse. OK do you have any nation at -- fire at Eric Anthony should tell -- no and -- not properly. We've got multiple continent making it. -- An American -- particular location. -- down at the base of superstition mountain OK it was a yeah. Like an explosion. And there's a huge amount -- fire on the couple cupcakes he had any company that -- subscription to me like. You know that it looks. PX and and I claimant count all of the happy -- -- -- in the war. And it really -- like the appointment he has -- -- -- you don't I'm.

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{"id":15043643,"title":"Arizona Plane Crash 911 Tapes","duration":"4:33","description":"Pinal County Sheriff's department releases 911 calls placed by witnesses.","url":"/US/video/arizona-plane-crash-911-tapes-15043643","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}