Arizona Woman's Jail Death Leads to Lawsuit

Court records claim Deborah Braillard was denied medication before slipping into a diabetic coma.
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Transcript for Arizona Woman's Jail Death Leads to Lawsuit
By the time -- braves got to the hospital it was already too late. Here. Right before just lying there wasn't response -- her daughter Jennifer we'll never get over the pain pulling -- That matters decision had me all of Atlanta's. -- -- To have that responsibility. And my hands. I'm being no one. Can make that decision. Everyone agrees Deborah trailer did not have to die here -- collect. And just cruelty what -- to -- death began here and Maricopa county jail. She was taken after a minor drug possession of -- -- -- -- -- While in custody records show she was denied medical care and medication for three full days. Something that proved deadly for -- She was a diabetic and without her insulin guards and inmates say -- suffer. Every moment in -- -- eventually slipping into a diabetic coma. The inmates were complaining about hormones too -- to -- Chad trying to have fun -- people right next to her that -- -- would have refused to shake. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She dedicated himself seven times and went to Thailand grabs we'll get they never did anything per inmate after inmate begged officers to do something -- was telling everyone there's nothing we can -- about it you have to deal envisages a little. One inmate testified detention officers told her Deborah was quote in getting what she deserved -- mother deserved. Now. It's been seven years since Deborah its debt and when this trial starts tomorrow will bring you evidence even before the jury gets to hear. Shedding light on what experts call a broken system that has caused needless deaths and millions of taxpayer dollars paid out lawsuits. Who -- -- -- details how much I mean. Who wants tougher to make it when people are dying. Jennifer and her attorney Michael Manning opened jury will hold the sheriff's office accountable for her mother's death -- force things to change Deborah -- -- to pretrial detainee. You probably would've bailed out in -- day or two. If -- been able to speak endeavour's case attorneys say the drugs in her possession belonged to her boyfriend. Her autopsy shows Debra was dropped three. There's no the diet there. She had issues she was -- a person deserving of the death that she and her. Jennifer rate of thirty is now a mother herself. And that's why no matter what the jury decides she says nothing can replace what's been taken from her and her daughters. A mom. And Ingram. A person that I -- Growing. And changing and something more beautiful than figured -- was. Opening statements should begin tomorrow but tomorrow night we'll show you never before seen video of -- -- hours inside the jail. Disturbing video that raises questions about whether jail guards told the truth about what happened. An investigator -- this debate ABC fifteen news.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Court records claim Deborah Braillard was denied medication before slipping into a diabetic coma.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"17209730","title":"Arizona Woman's Jail Death Leads to Lawsuit","url":"/US/video/arizona-womans-jail-death-leads-to-lawsuit-17209730"}