Armed Volunteers Guard Arizona Schools

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "posse" will bolster security after foiled plot targeting a high school in Mesa.
1:07 | 01/07/13

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Transcript for Armed Volunteers Guard Arizona Schools
They spent years patrolling -- mall's twenty years of success but now and -- -- those of volunteer posse is switching gears turn their attention to valley schools. We want to severe deterrence program. Prevention program. And we want to keep their -- a criminal activity out of the schools are wait until it was too late where they go into the school and cause Havoc. School safety has been a topic of conversation in light of the recent shooting massacre in Newtown. The chairman Joseph says he knew we had to come up with a plan quickly after NC -- -- investigators say they foiled a plot. At red mountain high in mesa a sixteen year old girl was arrested after investigators say they uncovered her plan to -- down her classmates and then -- self. She admitted to it says she had this planned one week before. The Connecticut. Situation so she was -- worked in on it. And I feel my people feel. She would have carried out threat we're not waiting for new laws. Where the bureaucracy were taken immediate action.

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{"id":18153938,"title":"Armed Volunteers Guard Arizona Schools","duration":"1:07","description":"Sheriff Joe Arpaio's \"posse\" will bolster security after foiled plot targeting a high school in Mesa.","url":"/US/video/armed-volunteers-guard-arizona-schools-18153938","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}