Army, West Pointer Easing Transportation Headaches

Creates app that puts all transportation options right at your fingertips in real time.
3:32 | 06/26/13

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Transcript for Army, West Pointer Easing Transportation Headaches
My name is Joseph cops -- retired lieutenant colonel united states army. I'm now the CEO and co-founder of -- scout. I decided to take on a transportation out because one of the nation's largest problems we have is inefficient use of transportation. And that leads to millions of hours wasted in traffic and millions upon millions of gallons of fuel that are wasted. And so by improving transportation first in terms of improving -- better use an existing resources. That a city had to go to -- -- people around making it easier and safer for people get them out of their cars into existing transportation. Well what we -- -- -- scout is we create a mobile app platform that uses the GPS technology your phone that knows where you are. Then you're able to see all the rides that are available around you between public transportation. Private transportation like car sharing -- -- or read in taxi -- -- shuttles as well as your friends social ride your neighbors. Each one of those different types -- -- we pulled together through various technologies. And the we will organize them by time cost reliability and flexibility. And then you choose arrived at best it's your personality and based on when you need to travel and -- he hit. You know his years ago in the army and my first time I was in Iraq and I saw how efficiently we use energy. And there was then -- really started thinking about ways it could be more efficient during my own commute to the Pentagon. When I was working there for a couple years it was just five miles away and -- so many options there were too many options and they -- organize and away. To sitting on the back porch of a friend of mine a couple of army buddies and -- we describe this problem. And I said that I thought I had the solution I described really what we built with -- scalp and Michael founder Craig -- -- -- not only an idea worth exploring but -- was really weren't. Investing in in the last two years we've turned an idea and a PowerPoint. Into a real -- to help people's lives every day. So I attended West Point graduate in 1993 was an aerospace engineering degree and -- after graduation 93. Took off for -- bliss Texas my first assignment -- cavalry. -- is in the cavalry in the first squadron third armored calvary regiment and I began to understand the importance of teens. And what it meant to work -- others on the team to solve problems. There's no one person there's no one solution to get something accomplished. And is that spirit that I learned very on in my early career. And then as I went through various units and cavalry units tank units as I got older what I also recognizes that the value of miniature ship is something that. Not enough people appreciate it is undervalued. And so I started take time about ten years and an army -- to really reach back. You start helping pull those those younger officers are younger -- he -- to that next level just as I've been held before them. If you need to solve a hard problem go find a better. We now have confidence. A sense of ability is and then still an -- combat and allows us to know that we can accomplish whatever -- -- force. So whether it's a nonprofit whether you're serving your company. In a in a desk job or whether or not turn on -- like myself and others like us. There's nothing that stops you from achieving your dreams if you -- -- towards.

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{"id":19495370,"title":"Army, West Pointer Easing Transportation Headaches","duration":"3:32","description":"Creates app that puts all transportation options right at your fingertips in real time. ","url":"/US/video/army-west-pointer-easing-transportation-headaches-19495370","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}