Six Arrested for Threats Against NYPD Officers

Casket of officer Rafael Ramos arrives at Christ Tabernacle Church in Queens, NY
3:10 | 12/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Six Arrested for Threats Against NYPD Officers
Any somber moment as the casket of fleeing NYPD officer Rafael Ramos sees carried into Christ tabernacle church in Queens New York. He is weak being held there today and tomorrow fountains of police officers and other mourners will attend his funeral. Hi and Caroline Costello in New York also today the grieving family of officer weighing in lieu. Appeared before cameras as at the net foundation announced it will paint off the mortgages of force officers' families. Last weekend's killings have outraged a city and a nation but now police are being targeted by dozens of suppose it copycat threats. With a week six people arrested in the past few days ABC seasons only has the story now from Washington Susan. Good afternoon Carol and people are already lining up for officer Ramos is wake. Which begins in about an hour. Today new York city police are investigating what appears to be a disturbing new trend. A wave of would appear to be serious threats against police officers. Authorities are looking into at least forty cases the people threatening even more violence. Since two officers ref yell Ramos and when GM Lou were killed in cold blood last weekend. Many of the threats turned out to be empty but there have been at least six arrests. In one case the man was overheard at a bank thing they should've killed two white cops not a Hispanic and Asian. He allegedly was also overheard saying he'd kill a white cop before Christmas. At his home police recovered two guns and a set of brass knuckles. Across the country's demonstrators angry about police shootings of black men did not rest for the holiday. Protesters were out in force again in the Saint Louis suburb of Berkeley Missouri they also to speak for Cleveland Ohio. They called their march no time off in Oakland California where protesters clashed with police. Jean Williams his brother ocean Hawkins was shot and killed by San Francisco police officer near AT&T park in October. Our holidays will never be the same again I'm as their student having dinner with and he shared their foreign with a slight air ball back in New York. People continue to pay their respects at the corner where officers Ramos and who were gunned down. Some are still struggling to comprehend at all. Why won't why. Why is just why's this happening behind you expose your children. Tomorrow some 25000. Officers are expected at officer Ramos is funeral in Queens Caroline. How Christ Susan a huge numbers are just that expected for Ramos whose venerable. Have we gotten any word yet. On services for officer Lou we'll officer Luce family has to travel from China so those arrangements will be finalized once they arrive in the United States. Carolyn all right seasons Tommy thank you so much for that report you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news asked. And storing the story for exclusive updates on the go and Caroline Costello in New York.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Casket of officer Rafael Ramos arrives at Christ Tabernacle Church in Queens, NY ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27842710","title":"Six Arrested for Threats Against NYPD Officers","url":"/US/video/arrested-threats-nypd-officers-27842710"}