Asian Americans witness generational divide on condemning racism

The old and new generation are split on how to confront anti-Asian bigotry and violence.
10:02 | 05/14/21

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Transcript for Asian Americans witness generational divide on condemning racism
We begin tonight but that deadly shooting Rampage in Georgia three different spas of the Atlanta area. Eight people killed six of them Asian women with more on the most recent hate crime against Asian Americans police arresting this man. There is news tonight about the growing incidence of races so often violent attacks against Asian Americans in this country. And and what he is stepping up patrols in predominately Asian neighborhoods. And welcome back everybody to our generation conversation you know recent hate filled attacks on Asian Americans. I'm really unveiled a generational split in our community with young first time activist stealing at times. Maybe silence stymied by their own parents by their elders about how to confront and stand up to hate but as the attacks. Seem to escalate we have to talk about it we have to report on it but not everyone agrees that that's the right. Course of action so let's dive into this part of the conversation all these calls for change are growing as Asian Americans. Kind of uncharacteristically. Perhaps take to the streets to condemn the attacks refusing to stay in the shadows any longer. Vivian you've been very outspoken although this on this UC literally say you're taking a no BS stance on and you've been having these conversations with your parents and other elders. What interactions are you getting. I am and rarely. When needed this first taking a lot of attention I was wearing a sheriff's. With the center of quotes as honored guest at the Asians. My mom would solve that and she freaked out she said don't Wear that shirts you're gonna get beat out. In Enid images & Associates. You know it's not shirts forty agent Brad it's gonna getting beat up it's nice base hits the skin he gave me. You know annex. It's that kind of beyond that generational gap parades you know it's kind of kind of don't don't be don't don't do that don't keeping had found. But expects knots it it that has not been do anything. I hear so many young Asian Americans say. You know I was told by my parents to you know don't make anyways keep your head down but we who also tots. You know we took honors civics and we've learned that we have the audacity of believing that all men are created created equal and that we deserve equal protection of the law but. B I'm wondering you know you are child a Vietnamese immigrants yourself and you've been outspoken and com as the first Vietnamese American woman to be elected to Georgia's general assembly. How does your work now in your activism reflect Spencer generational divide. And yeah many Asian and Erin and my parents twenty my head down and I didn't see any trouble and really that is and he and only authority in. Me and yet it. A lot of distraction. And turned around went case here reasoner and country and their my creation story and it happens to them in the house and we certainly understand when it comes. But he she back we do you have a history of organized. ET in this country NE DER. A reason why we don't art about art history is not just because it's race is not school. We did our cash for a civil rights I ends. Let Americans how she went black Americans because you are not raise it the right to the current T yeah racially east the rain and robbery the right T and T citizens. And part of why we don't know how these generations. Asian people happen. In this country where we're counting on these stories really only is because sacks a diverse group of people in Amman are angry she bricks are very different from each other and there was just in that we people are rock creek in East Asia has increased. It for a really long time did aren't T bill. That sort of multi generational Daily Mirror out here. You remember the stories of the Chinese brought workers and those who are incarcerated. In Japanese incarceration and ask. Dennis don't have the scene types of alarms and eat and it's not told in our schools. And says you just trying to leash in number that it is heard on the list all of history. And you mention the Chinese exclusion act which wouldn't barred you know Asian Americans from citizenship and was so damaging to generational wealth building in that way but I don't recently learned that. Frederick Douglass the famed. African American scholar spoke out. In that era against the Chinese exclusion Axl is just an early example of this kind of solidarity that I think where we're all talking about but. Angela you mentioned you know this idea of the model minority mass. And how that in so many ways renders invisible dismiss part of the population of beast talking about those who are struggling who may have. You know immigration status that their shy about or they don't speak the language or they are in some ways rendered invisible. Right and it is so mom minority in the myth I think can be the screen. Against all these problems so it's like you know nothing to look at here at this group is doing great and so me you know and it in the things and I think I applied like the younger generation like would be in my daughter my twelve year old daughter Georgia tag. Joy action. You know they're controlling their narrative and I think we do need to kind of control our narrative but I think that that's sort of dad's that the damaging part of that has instead it is sort of need a lot of our issues visible so I think you know during this time like since March were here from all these Asian Americans who are talking about this idea of being invisible. We're at once very very visible because we're in instantly identifiable. Would it be at the time like any other on the other hand to. In our issues are invincible and word kind of we'll gardens monolithic way and I think that's that's very dangerous for us. And yet I'm seeing it from young activists that so many of them I remember I an a B de Danza cam who helped launch a lot of this awareness and he said I I took to the streets to protest for racial equity after George wood's death. And I can never seen so many Asian American young people. Historically there have been tensions between the African American and Asian American communities but I really do sing George George Floyd galvanized the two communities in a way that I've ever seen before I'm hoping that that momentum carries over into these cases. And I'm curious are teaching your professor. I'm so you have a certain you know 30000 feet view but you also deal with young people every day in the classroom at NYU and I'm wondering what you see in that sort of young. They API. Generation. I think we're seeing some great examples of that on the young activists that are really. Building coalitions they are using their voice through using every platform available to them really skillfully is good it's exciting. And at the same time that's not true never when I think the points been made really while that we are. Incredibly diverse population and there's many young people who are continuing to internalize the model minority meant. In ways that are harmful to them as well concerns. Backpack or accept from their parents. Calling attention to themselves jeopardizing their scholarships. You know the question of like are you sure you want a post that that could come back and and and bite you and so you know I am seeing. Students struggling in this political moment of how can how can they can test these narratives how can they be authentically true but how can they also honor the sacrifices that their parents have made. I'm in I'll throw everything out. Absolutely and you see that struggle because they want to honor that the elders that they've been raised to. Revere and yet at the same time kind of break the code and sand and act out and yet at the same time what you pointed out that that I once interviewed David Chang the shaft. Of the brand mobile so grew and he said I was made to feel. But worthless and depressed as a child because I wasn't a student and I didn't fit the model minority Mets are there ways that it hurts us internally there ways that it. Hurts us external because that. Paul Smith is then used to pit our community against other communities of color and that can be divisive and so many different ways but. I'm curious be if you're seeing this sort of what we called the that this sort of weapon is a nation and the fear of the pandemic from your constituents asserted Asians as a virus. A horrible. Chant that we're hearing at times when these attacks her. I think this is something that we live win as. When Indian women of color and Adam the MD there. Are times wind. People disagree with me on my policy positions that are seeing day do you need to attack. My race and the country from wished. My parents come Kia and emigrated. Eight years I have Minnie Mouse or use our people he knew would tell me yeah. I should just go back to Vietnam ants. That my parents are to be ashamed that feeds for EU AE MR. And that I am Communists a long way other really see Murray. Just name calling and slurs or related TU BED in the east end this thing that you and gender. And it's so. CEO ET. Now as thin hair and quit being a public figure and he probably many women artists you know let me experience and see me. I do think that the attacks on line against women of color at the women in general broadly but also women of color is something phenomena that we see. Far too much we have to take a short break but when we come back. Be one ask you the question about get out the vote movements especially in Georgia and how all of this is impacting us. And also news Vivian you recently wrote that you came out as Asian recently and I want to hear your answer when we come back.

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{"duration":"10:02","description":"The old and new generation are split on how to confront anti-Asian bigotry and violence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77698560","title":"Asian Americans witness generational divide on condemning racism ","url":"/US/video/asian-americans-witness-generational-divide-condemning-racism-77698560"}