Asiana Plane Crash: 2 Dead, Dozens Injured

Two people dead, 1 unaccounted for, 22 in critical condition after crash-landing in San Francisco.
3:08 | 07/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Asiana Plane Crash: 2 Dead, Dozens Injured
I'm Doug -- -- public information officer for the San Francisco airport I'm joined right now by an. Assistant deputy chief -- cards from the San Francisco fire department and special agent in charge of the FBI. Steve Johnson. When I think you all for coming certainly -- challenging and difficult -- have voted eight. I want to start -- kind of -- confirming some of the facts and then -- provides updated information on passenger numbers for you. So again this morning at 1127. Inning and we had an incident involving. -- on a flight 214 this is a flight. That originated in Shanghai and continued on through Seoul Inchon airport on its way to San Francisco. It's a Boeing 777. Aircraft. And are meant to count the number of individuals on board the aircraft. 291. Passengers and sixteen crew for a total of 307 onboard the aircraft. And as I mentioned we do have some updated information on the status of those passengers and crew and for that -- and turn it over to. Assistant deputy chief deal car -- Good evening. Of the 307 souls on board. We had a 181 total there were transported to local hospitals. -- -- 18149. Were serious and we're in the initial victims transport from the scene. An additional 132. Were transported. Later on into the incident after being -- triage as they were the more minor to moderate casualties. We've also Jennifer. 123 people here in the terminals of the airport there were uninjured and have remained in place. And at this time we do you have to confirm VOA. Passengers on aircraft. So those numbers add up to 306 were still working to confirm the as deal mentioned we've got to 123 individuals on injured still on -- at the -- being processed as we speak. My turn it over and out FBI special agent in charge -- -- -- Thank you at this time we continue to work with the NTSB -- determining the exact cause of the incident. There is currently and continues to be no indication that terrorism or any criminal acts contributed to the incidence. We are offering all resources necessary to help -- the event we continue to keep the flight's passengers crew and their loved. Once in our thoughts thank you. -- -- when you. Finish by talking a little bit about the status of the airport as a -- as -- mentioned the last briefing. Got a total floor runways and SFO we reopen to move those or runways we are operating. Limited arrivals and departures at SFO currently. We would recommend for any passengers that are traveling throughout supposed to check with their airline for the status of their flight before coming -- to the airport today. Thank you very much for coming our next briefing will be held at 730 tonight in the same location thank you.

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{"id":19597714,"title":"Asiana Plane Crash: 2 Dead, Dozens Injured","duration":"3:08","description":"Two people dead, 1 unaccounted for, 22 in critical condition after crash-landing in San Francisco.","url":"/US/video/asiana-airlines-plane-crash-2-dead-dozens-injured-19597714","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}