ASPCA Encourages Sandy Victims to Reclaim Pets

Emergency shelter opened after Superstorm Sandy works to find homes for displaced animals.
1:58 | 01/03/13

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Transcript for ASPCA Encourages Sandy Victims to Reclaim Pets
A warning tonight for anyone who lost the pet during super storm sandy the AS -- emergency pet shelter this is a Brooklyn. Opened during sandy is now about to close and many pets any pets really. Who have been claimed and soon will be put up for adoption I was -- were Carol elitist at the center in the bed -- section caroling. We'll build the shelter has taken in 300. Nearly 300. Cats and dogs taken such a weight off but. So many displaced residents shoulders right now they are working a long term solutions for owners who have called in but. Don't know what to do just yet with those pets. And right now they're working on trying to get the unclaimed animals back home. This afternoon -- -- -- was finally reunited with his cat -- But -- storm -- hit this family was forced to put her in a kennel but that started getting really expensive. That's when the ASPCA step Dane -- Bedford Stuyvesant emergency shelter. I hadn't even thought of is BCA consensus so much on my mind after -- little. And so today I've got -- -- based BCA they ended up bringing her here and it's great. -- ASPCA's urging pet owners to reclaim their animals as this operation winds down. Staff and volunteers had been running a temporary boarding facility since mid November helping hundreds of animals displaced by sandy. But they still have more than 100 cats and dogs who had not been claimed yet. We're encouraging pet owners to come in reclaim their animals. You know throughout this weekend winds which they have still have a lot of animals but never claimed. I have -- -- -- -- really want to give people this last chance to comment and identify their pants and hopefully they can take them home. Are -- you don't see any pet hotline that is 347. 5379935. We're live in bad guy and -- -- lead channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":18126877,"title":"ASPCA Encourages Sandy Victims to Reclaim Pets","duration":"1:58","description":"Emergency shelter opened after Superstorm Sandy works to find homes for displaced animals.","url":"/US/video/aspca-encourages-sandy-victims-reclaim-pets-18126877","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}