Atheists Display Beliefs Publicly

Atheist groups battle church groups over space to exhibit beliefs in California.
1:35 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Atheists Display Beliefs Publicly
Santa Monica churches -- used most of the toilets but set aside for holiday displays at Palisades Park it's been that way for nearly sixty years. This year it changed atheist groups applied for and received most of response through a lottery held by the city. That left three spots for the nativity scenes -- -- -- north this life. The west our signs displaying atheist believes. Damon ticks and atheists helped put -- these quotes challenging religious beliefs. It's not supposed to be used to promote religion it is explicitly promoting religion and it has been. Even though the city is not directly financially supporting it. And that's the main issue -- the separation of church state. -- Jamison is the spokesman for the group of churches battling the atheists over these bases. But the truth of the matter is they are trying to suppress our first amendment rights by pushing us out of the park. We have no objection to their being there it's mind. They can be there express their views all they want they have been there in the past most of the people we talked you had a strong opinion on the lack of nativity displays at the park. -- -- And why the previous. Community. Seems to be. Intimidated by something that's been up to sixty years and also this year -- -- -- -- -- making a lot of -- -- -- and there's a growing secular movement. -- wants to be vocal were happy about what we believe we believe we have an equal. Say and we're gonna say it and we're gonna -- for a rights and show ourselves as that is who we are. Mr. Sid Garcia reporting for ABC news.

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{"id":15163086,"title":"Atheists Display Beliefs Publicly","duration":"1:35","description":"Atheist groups battle church groups over space to exhibit beliefs in California.","url":"/US/video/atheists-display-beliefs-publicly-15163086","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}