Attorney: Executive Order Is 'Unconstitutional'

Mark Doss, the supervising attorney at the International Refugee Assistance Project, is the acting attorney for Darweesh and Alshawi.
6:24 | 01/30/17

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Transcript for Attorney: Executive Order Is 'Unconstitutional'
My clients are feeling incredibly relieved today he here in the United States now after a very long or deal. They were detained. For hours upon hours and that's after. Many hours of flying. It's been obviously a very difficult time for them. But there are happy to be reunited with their families. I'm safe here in America we weren't with them when they were detained we are denied access to where they were being held so. It was impossible to know what they're I think game. What was happening to them. If they're being treated well if Hayward. Being forced to sign any finger. He told they would have to go back to their country so. We're not certain kind of what was happening in their cause we were just denied access I can imagine it was a very. Dramatic and difficult time for them when we first met with them it was justice they were just doing so overwhelmed with happiness just out. They were incredibly gracious. Mister weeks was talking about just. How much she loved America and how much respect this country and you know it's really America it's really incredible want to see their spirit in the in the face I'm what they went through but they really do believe that. You know the United States is a place that treats all people equally and that. This order this executive order that the president signed. Is not representative of what this country stands. One of our clients with an interpreter and electrical engineer working on behalf US troops overseas in Iraq so he served for over ten years on behalf our country. And as a result of the service there's a specific program that grants you. He's that a come to the United States special immigrant visa and so that way you can have legal permanent residents here's after his service. I'm and result. Because of his service and because of all the threats that he received as a result of this service for affiliated with United States. He was granted the season and had legal status. Here in the United States and was able to legally come here. Obviously it's. Ironic that I'm given all of the service to the United States that he was detained. At the airport upon his arrival after you receive a special immigrant is. You are able to. You received a green card once you get here and then naturalize after five years are other client. Waves of refugees came as a refugee also from. Hands his wife Stanley also served on behalf of the United States. His wife came here before him he was coming to join her. So they're obviously very relieved that finally reunited after. All these years and it's obvious it's incredibly dangerous for them to be back in Iraq so they're they're safe here. I'm we're just glad that they're at a detention the president's executive order is unconstitutional. If it's a violation. Our clients due process rights violation that an equal protection clause it's clearly discriminating against. Muslims. Hands. Orders it just never signs and this is something that. America does not stand for it's not records and it's as a nation and we treat all religions equally. Answer to specifically target. Muslim countries. And then to detain all of these. Refugees. He's a holders all of whom ballot status upon entering and it states justice shameful and since the wrong signal to the rest of the world. This country made a promise to. All of individuals who worked on behalf of US troops in Iraq and also in Afghanistan. That if today. Served alongside US troops that they would be given visas. To come to the United States because they knew that. Align yourself with United States and puts you at risk there. And so to go through a very long process to get especially bees that does not happen overnight they have been waiting. One of our plants the one. A client who receive the special visa has been waiting for years to get that's gone through numerous. Steps to get the skis don't get it overnight through multiple. Background checks and in person interview. There's extreme there's are ready extreme things were comes a lot there's a ready extreme betting in the process and so that to be denied entry at the airport after all of this. It's just. Shameful. Hands. And illegal. And obviously for. Our clients were refugees. They have gone through unimaginable trauma. And persecution these are people who have. Fled their countries because they cannot stay there haven't fled because they they just wanted to leave it cannot sticks they will begin. The cannot say because they're being targeted and will be killed and United States is a place that has always provided refuge to the most vulnerable individuals. And so to be turning back refugees is completely contrary to American values and ideals we're here in New York. People flying infancy the statute. And then to be doing that to be detained right as they Entergy it okay. It's just a disgrace our app along with a silly and a few other organizations have filed a lawsuit against. The top administration. Challenging the constitutionality. Of this executive order. We're getting continued to fight. This order and extra is that if it is. No longer forced. And courts already have. The issue was known as a state temporary stop things executive temporarily stopping this executive order. We're gonna make sure that its permanent and two days. The legal executive order I think this executive order is doing the exact opposite sex protecting. The US because it's sending a signal to the rest of the world that. America is against Islam. And that is the exact opposite of protection for a national security this country is supposed to be founded and was founded on. Equality for all and so. To sign an executive order to sign an detective order. Alleging that uses for national security is it's completely false.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"Mark Doss, the supervising attorney at the International Refugee Assistance Project, is the acting attorney for Darweesh and Alshawi. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45131650","title":"Attorney: Executive Order Is 'Unconstitutional'","url":"/US/video/attorney-executive-order-unconstitutional-45131650"}