Audrie Pott's Dad: Stop Epidemic of Sexual Assault

Parents of California teenager who took her own life vow to stop cyber bullying.
6:51 | 04/15/13

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Transcript for Audrie Pott's Dad: Stop Epidemic of Sexual Assault
Good morning. My name's Sheila -- plan -- mother. First I would like to thank all of those around the world have expressed their love for country. And the sadness we have all shared. That she was driven to -- us and the way that she did. Part it was a joy to everyone that she was around. She warmed the room with her slam and made us laugh -- credible wit and sense of -- Country had a kind and gentle heart that from a very young age she formed relationships not only with her friends that adults of all ages. She had -- quality for bringing joy and laughter to all others. That she was around. There is not a day for an hour that passes that I'm not warm by a memory of her. In the days and months that follow the investigation I learned that there was a serious flaw in the laws that surrounded the assault on my daughter. I discovered that -- a victim does not have the ability to protest to a sexual assault it is seen as a lesser crimes. -- -- she was conscious and able to fight off her attacker. I also learned that in California. As sexual assault strikingly similar to that Stephen Hill Ohio case. Was not considered rape and therefore could not be escalated to an adult court. He lets just saying I was -- -- -- -- that this system was not designed to protect those who could not protect themselves. To make matters worse since we are now limited to the penalty is present in the juvenile. System my daughter's attackers may never have to serve time never have to register as sex offenders. And since that juveniles identity is protected they were never be any future impact on these boys' lives. My immediate thought was if there was no public impact in their lives how could this ever be a deterrent. No wonder -- this type of crime is growing frequency. This further and further impact of social media being used to -- -- the victim. Makes it just that much worse. These types of -- are not juvenile sexual assault as an adult crime. His boys distributed the pictures. To humiliate and further -- my daughter. If this can happen to my daughter it can happen to anyone. These boys were not strangers to -- and they were her friends. Called for an adult to -- let alone a young girl. These individuals. Calculated their assault and harass the victim when the photos and then took steps to cover up the evidence. There was no remorse. These were not the actions of a child but -- a person whose value systems were so skewed that they won't do this again. I want to take serious steps to see that this doesn't happen to another one of our child -- -- -- is still in their research say it I want to thank. You all for allowing us to tell her story and to attempt to make changes. That will make our communities and schools once again they. Good morning -- Larry -- of Parker's father. On behalf of Audrey and her family I would like to start but personally thanking us senator Barbara sheriff's department. The -- -- county district attorney's office. For so very very appreciative and grateful for all of their extra efforts. And bring these young men to justice. Would also like to think the media. For the prompt and efficient cover. The career helping the sexual assault and bullying epidemic to be exposed. But this period has been difficult for us as -- -- are so fresh. We're grateful for all -- -- support broader. That's what this is really all about it's about honoring -- Rogers' mother Sheila decided that it would be best to -- and interviews. And -- stepmother Lisa that I created with her and support that decision. We hope there -- some small way -- -- story of death. Could help others. For cause this epidemic of sexual assault. Disseminating photographs and cyber bullying and -- to stop. As most -- see pictures of arteries and -- it's obvious that. If she were beautiful girl she is on the outside it's. What you know she was so much more. Beautiful inside. She was so full of life there was there's no denying cannot walk into -- room. She would light it -- -- Carter told her house and Finley with laughter. She was without a doubt the weirdest and funniest -- -- -- me. She had a passion for art for music. For soccer in the outdoors it. She was -- she was kind. She's missed every day. By us. About her little brother -- sisters. So. We are also much better people for having had -- -- We miss her every day. But -- we must carry. Picture -- story. So that this epidemic of sexual assault and -- -- Remarks -- can be exposed itself. -- the world was a far better place when order was alive. There will be far safer place -- these young men -- put behind bars and held responsible for their actions. Which includes -- -- -- no longer with us.

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{"id":18960145,"title":"Audrie Pott's Dad: Stop Epidemic of Sexual Assault","duration":"6:51","description":"Parents of California teenager who took her own life vow to stop cyber bullying.","url":"/US/video/audrie-potts-dad-stop-epidemic-sexual-assault-18960145","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}