Baby born in Jack in the Box parking lot

A grandmother delivers a baby in the front seat of a car.
2:25 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for Baby born in Jack in the Box parking lot
I'm miles a good in here in Bakersfield and local mom is recovering after delivering her baby boy acted Jack in the Box off the union avenue here in Bakersfield. And mom and baby are doing well and at the hospital Alice in the feat but mom and grandmother on their new little Jack Jack in the Box delivery. Cut my location. Not just delivered a baby in a vehicle. I didn't expect him to have the grand into it Downey and Della rose mother of five has been preparing for her bundle of joy and never thought she'd find herself giving birth and the back of her car at dish Jack in the Box parking lot off of union avenue. I do want to thank everyone that assisted he has now but I think back on it they jumped into action in the it was just. Wonderful. Check out I think that's what they had acted upon that and it happen again. Opt out the club wants to an all and I was scream and she's having a baby sees have a debate so real is the way. Well when own decided that crying and open up that passenger's side and seen all that hair. Knew he could net fall to the ground so went to guide him. This is Regina Hines 38 greens how. And she says this was her and Ella rose's third time heading to the hospital that day mom and grandmother Tel 2.3 ABC that he went to memorial hospital twice and told she was not ready to delivery at. You know I thought of the got us say who gives life and he let me see the miracle that way it comes into the world. Point three ABC reached out to memorial hospital and they said they can not comment on this due to privacy concerns the third time around 11 PM Dell liberals called her mom and they need that drive that land and had this Jack in the Box. Employee from Jack and about definitely love to say thank you. Because she was right about my site the entire time until the ambulance made it to get me out of the car until they carried me along with what's John Jackson. Three ABC reached out to Jack in the Box Indy did not have a comment at this time but the airplane as special surprise coming this week for Della rails and her new little Jack Jack the grandmother has this message to say to shine Jackson when he gets older. The ground mom would bless to deliver you into this world. Yes but the help of gullah. Both mother and grandmother say they'll be sure to share this story of little Jack Jack when he gets older and they're thankful to the Jack in the Box and police. And baker still loves a good in for ABC news fly.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"A grandmother delivers a baby in the front seat of a car.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65736524","title":"Baby born in Jack in the Box parking lot ","url":"/US/video/baby-born-jack-box-parking-lot-65736524"}