Baby dangling from air conditioner saved outside high-rise apartment

A baby hanging from the 13th floor of a Bronx, New York, apartment window was rescued before tragedy struck.
2:28 | 09/16/19

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Transcript for Baby dangling from air conditioner saved outside high-rise apartment
Heart stopping video child alone on a small air conditioning unit high up in the air at thankfully that child was safely removed but the question tonight is. How shall get out of the on to the window and supposed to be watching the young star Ivins who were Lucy Yang live in the Claremont sections wrong. She just talk to the toddler's mom whose. Well that's right bill and Liz I just spoke with a very emotional mother. Who is tearfully grateful her son is alive tonight that scale of the building for you know this is after her three year old boy who lined out. Of their thirteenth floor window in onto their air conditioner she says her son has autism and a visual impairment but his theory strong. Strong enough to remove the side panels. On their air conditioner. If he wasn't. Months and one life to date this mother of. Three is grateful and angry tonight as the cell phone video shows her three year old toddler somehow snuck out onto the air conditioner Saturday night. While she says she was cooking dinner in the kitchen they live on the thirteenth floor of the Butler houses here in the Claremont section of the Bronx. Panicked residents called police immediately. This woman took the video. I was losing my mind that's what I was thinking was about the baby's crying and not making it he was on the facing and he was a tiny beam. The mother says her fourteen year old daughter bravely calmly reached out the window and pulled her brother inside to safety. This is the air conditioner the mother explains her son pushed the side of it apart and that's how he crawled out in the gap. Niger workers have since removed the EC and put up bars so there will not be a repeat of that heart stopping near tragedy. But her anger tonight is reserved for neighbors who called her a monster and a horrible mother this immigrant from Molly insists she is neither. Don't have put in me and then. You stupid dumb occupant and you don't learn everything you would think this is outfit got this is not after Bob. This is America you're booking Jen that's my bond. And goodness hidden from his pupils. It. Now officials confirmed they went back to her apartment around noon the next day on Sunday callers claim that baby was outside the window again. But the mother insists that's a possible because she says workers had already installed the child guards. Earlier Sunday morning Child Protective Services is now investigating.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"A baby hanging from the 13th floor of a Bronx, New York, apartment window was rescued before tragedy struck.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65652129","title":"Baby dangling from air conditioner saved outside high-rise apartment","url":"/US/video/baby-dangling-air-conditioner-saved-high-rise-apartment-65652129"}