Baby Panda Debuts at California Zoo

Xiao Liwu goes on public display at San Diego Zoo's panda enclosure.
1:14 | 01/10/13

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Transcript for Baby Panda Debuts at California Zoo
Shelley who wanted to -- with mom during his big debut but BN was too focused on food. OK. And. Every -- tumble astute every tiny tumble like this -- -- to choose an honest. Volunteers like Barbara Michaels -- -- Snooki getting animals before the public. After three days a week for three years this was one of her favorite moments when he walked -- that little door. And just came around like he's really -- -- -- doesn't seem really get to see him on a -- until now you could only watch him on the panda webcams since his birth this summer. It's been a huge hit with thousands of online visitors today. I think the birth of the -- did in -- now are here in the United States is is a very special moment because it's such a rare events. And I think with each cub born brings hope and I think it brings a higher awareness of the giant panda. They are critically endangered he's on loan from the Chinese Government. Since starting the program in 1996. Its cost more than ten million dollars. It's exciting if there really as I've been following this little guy since the day he was born. And now San Diego has been watched him walk in grow from the size of the stick of butter jumped to 300 pounds.

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{"duration":"1:14","description":"Xiao Liwu goes on public display at San Diego Zoo's panda enclosure.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"18180208","title":"Baby Panda Debuts at California Zoo","url":"/US/video/baby-panda-debuts-california-zoo-18180208"}