Babysitter Accused of Molesting 2 Boys

Mother learned of alleged assault after reading to son about Penn State scandal.
2:05 | 11/29/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Babysitter Accused of Molesting 2 Boys
His record was clean. Nineteen year old baby -- Jordan lieu of -- -- -- was increased screens bites you online sites then hired by a Glendale mother to watch over her eight in three year old son so I liken it to well. There's not going to be a record until you get caught. Police say -- was arrested for allegedly molesting two boys while they were in his care over an eight month period. The mother of the victims told police she found out about the abuse which is reading an article about the Penn State's sex -- adults -- eight year old son. To provide awareness and education about the topic. She started to describe some of the acts that are not good unfortunately during this conversation a child Begin -- -- and the mother learned then. That their current baby sitter was doing. Similar acts. According to Glendale police the victim's mother hired Duluth through baby -- service web site called the sitter Citi dot com. They say -- was also using hair dot com to advertise his child care service to consider -- dot com released this statement quote. We take safe -- very seriously. Each caregiver who registers -- consider city is -- -- to verify his or her identity. And the caregivers information is checked against state sex offender registries in addition we allow members to run background checks on the sites. And care dot com says quote in the case of Jordan -- care dot com has run eight verification checks and one background checks since 2009. These checks came back clear. For this provider. Sargent Lauren says -- may have spoken with more than 100 families through the web sites but it's still unclear how many parents actually hired him as a baby sitter. Anyone with information is asked to call Glendale crime stoppers at 180222. Tips. Blue pled not guilty and is being held on two point seven million dollars bail. In Glendale Danielle Sar ABC seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":15051089,"title":"Babysitter Accused of Molesting 2 Boys","duration":"2:05","description":"Mother learned of alleged assault after reading to son about Penn State scandal.","url":"/US/video/babysitter-accused-molesting-boys-15051089","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}