Bad Santa Throws Rock at Bus

Demetrius Vidale was caught in the act after getting thrown off the bus.
1:14 | 12/03/11

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Transcript for Bad Santa Throws Rock at Bus
Sir you're charged with throwing a missile -- -- dwelling. Police say fourteen year old -- me to it that -- is Santa him allegedly wearing their Red -- aboard a Broward County transit -- November 18. The driver -- just have to -- -- the bus because it was allegedly yelling and swearing. Police say he didn't take the request lightly column -- cracker. Called. Driver of the H holder to get off the phone called Europe Africa economic America's -- just called cracker. That -- finally get off the bus but watch what happens next. He picked up a rock and -- -- -- the windshield shattering the glass. This dramatic video about lots of play on the local news and one viewer in particular recognize the potty mouth ridge in fact it was their son. According to court records all of the -- drove her little else to the Broward county jail last night and turned -- -- This -- the -- wasn't home to discuss her good deed. In court -- her son tried to explain his actions. Who's gonna help find you out of jail today. Mark. -- you know and I don't know you don't need to say anything about it I don't want understanding about it.

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{"duration":"1:14","description":"Demetrius Vidale was caught in the act after getting thrown off the bus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15079269","title":"Bad Santa Throws Rock at Bus ","url":"/US/video/bad-santa-throws-rock-bus-window-15079269"}