Baltimore Police: Reports of Shooting Not True

Officials said reports of a shooting during an arrest are not true.
10:16 | 05/05/15

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Transcript for Baltimore Police: Reports of Shooting Not True
Breaking right now police mobilizing once again on the streets of Baltimore Maryland. This afternoon. Some conflicting reports about another shooting. Involving a black man and police moments ago in a Baltimore police tweeting that the reports of a man shot are not true. Over on debt Cutler in New York police in riot Pearson in a formation of locking up the streets near north and Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore. A lot of good ABC's Steve Austin Sami was on the phone with us Steve what do we now. We're here we're hearing from ma police that this. This isn't quite what we get initially suspected. There were some reports someone who was. Black man. Who was shot multiple. Times that report from another news organization that turns out to be deeply it's correct. That news organization has corrected themselves and police are trying to get the message out what we know so far is that. Be suspect police are trying to arrest were told. Oddly actually according to the dignity authorities this is giving up there haven't gone and it's. We're not sure he threw the gun or drop the gun but at some point the gun went off and that was the gunfire that was her and he was mr. interpreted. Our police called to other you can see paramedics that were called to the C we are told by police that the owner of that god is on injured. We're still trying to get more information about this arrest but it does not appear at all. To be the type situation that you know was was advertised. Just a few minutes ago. Is the good news the bottom line is that we know at this point there doesn't appear to be anyone. Injured is the bottom line Imus. There doesn't appear to be anyone injured but it does not appear to beat the type of incidents that you know doesn't appear to be had in any way related. To be protests and demonstrations that have been taking place here. It did is in the same neighborhood where there are some of the looting took place. Last week however. That is a troubled neighborhoods and neighborhood that where police are often called herbs for various. Various since dance in this appears to be one. And ends Steve I'm putting on the spot here an apologist that it. I know it's still fluid we don't know exactly why police were responding to this in the first place right. No we don't know. We are all we're hearing from police they were they were responding to all warned of some sort they were trying to make an arrest. And that this person was in the process of giving up. A law in relating they're in relation to that harassed and that that's what a gunfire off but what we do know is this this does not appear. To be a protestor demonstration related pitch at bat I think we can say producer. Kind all right well we appreciate the clarification on this because obviously is a city that's been on a great attention lately. And include something like this coming out it's important it is to be very careful with the information and Steve we appreciate. And other reporting you've been doing on this and obviously clear in the salt because those conflicting reports of fact that there was some out of a shot fired but now that we're hearing. And from the police department of Baltimore itself in fact that it appears at this time that a gun went off. That there is not anyone injured from this. And we're taking a look at a live shot. Of pretty significant though police response. As Steve where you add in relation and an A probably can't seize on what we've got to bring that what we do have an aerial picture. The of the area that's been. We are about I'd say. Say about 34 blocks from that intersection. Army. Heading nor true that intersection. And actually I don't even I think that's a dinner so it's it's it's about to. It's about two to three blocks for two to three blocks away traffic as you can imagine has backed up because this police deal with this you don't. Even though it's very clear that this doesn't appear to be the most you know the significant event that some had feared few minutes ago you know. Police are still of course responding very carefully incidents like these and and that's why I think you see the streets blocked off from the police we've shown up that we. I can tell you to act Justin looking around. There are not a ton of people on the streets in this neighborhood in the in the way that we've seen in the past few weeks and that. I'll see that this city has pretty much returned to normal today it was a very quiet day. Until of course this app. Series so there I apologize. Here they. We it was Steve Steve Johnson argued did we lose use Steve. Okay. Is that you give and kind of background from where this is that and we are seen as those who wider shot of this. This is the area where that CDS. Drug story. Had been looted and and and that. In those first couple of hours after the the demonstrations protesters breaking out in Baltimore. And at this point the Associated Press reporting that this was from gun charge rest. That was that the cost of all this Steve the curfew has been listed lifted in the city right. The curfew was lifted last night was the first night. Without a curfew and there was not a single incidents I it was a peaceful life in this city peacefully or by Baltimore standards given that you know the numbers of incidents that. But it happens here a week on Antalya curfew has been lifted. Restaurants are going to be open tonight I imagine that the curfew was going to remain listed I don't think this is going to change anything. Because again all indications are this had nothing to do with any protest or demonstrator. And no one was shocked in this incident at that it there was no hurt. And certainly no shot what shot by police officer according to police this point. Right okay. An end the curfews listed is a still state of emergency being called them for the city and and went up and down guard. They'll the National Guard is on their way home the National Guard is packing up and leaving the police and riot gear have taken off their right to your for the most part except for this particular incident just as a precaution but. They're the police state. That you are describing does not exist here as as I wanna say this weekend. And when it started. The mood here has changed completely. The Palm Beach charges filed against these officers. As Jay salute on the streets. And change the righteous indignation that many people open pat. Well here before those before those charges. So but bet that police state that your thinking of this is not here today. Okay all right Steve let's summit with us I'm on the ground there Baltimore Steve thank you for that I wanna gorge where crime and terror analyst Brad Garrett watching all of this. Brett look at the response from from from something like this and as we've dispensed hearing we've been here from the police department there. That it does not appear that they are saying that there were no shots were fired that if in fact there was a gunshot it was because of possibly the gun going off after it was dropped or tossed. But the bottom line being in fact that there were early reports that there might have been shots fire at that does not seem to be the case now. You look at the response though. Obviously it's pretty sizable. It is sizable and Dan and I think the reason for that is the obvious that. That Baltimore is still a very tentative or tenuous place. And so when the police had anything to do with the gun and a gun going off. They're probably going to overreact from a man Paris standpoint you know this is another example I suppose of something that occurs. Day Italy in most urban cities is people of guns that the police chase. You know fortunately nobody got shot and as you mentioned earlier in other media venues are reporting. That. This guy dropped the gun. It'd be grounded went off. A move that was the only shot that was fired. So I'm going to Lewis that that's all there is to this end that people. Are in are gonna go about their business the problem is if you get a crowd fired up thinking that somebody S Guinness and shot by the police that could be an issue. Hopefully it want. And the police are going to be able to be transparent. About. This person Nate apparently transported to the hospital I don't know who was hurt they did that out of this abundance of caution or watt but. They're going to need through their PI or somebody to stand at Frederick hammer and explain exactly. What you and I are speculating about at this point. 22 ticks to clarify that suggests to defuse any kind of a potential situation that could erupt into just from not. Having information but by simply going on maybe the pure number of crowds that are out. There. What exactly and me. Though things have died down. National Guard apparently has gone. It's still a place it's very tentative and based on what's happened obviously in the last week or so. It could you know reignite. And the last thing obviously the Baltimore police. Is for it needs is for that. Do occur. All right our crime and terror analyst Brad Garrett Bret thank you for that we appreciate it. Give up with a stern real time by downloading ABC news App Store in store for updates on the go. I'm Dan Brooklyn New York.

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