Bank Robbery Suspects Throw Cash Out of Car During Police Chase

Los Angeles police pursue and eventually arrest two men in dark SUV.
3:00 | 09/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bank Robbery Suspects Throw Cash Out of Car During Police Chase
Northbound Vermont hold of -- back westbound -- -- out. -- without -- doubt about -- about left. -- -- -- Okay back side northbound. Easy easy easy. A parent right. But now. You know wow what a wild pursuit L account he cared if pursuit -- this -- -- You can see -- suspect. We're -- -- Los Angeles right now it be updated located at the becomes available but the suspect is stopped several times or the pursuit as you -- -- earlier. It but other suspects he out of the vehicle that was evident LE -- -- Easter thicket of with no other -- Vermont here. In it the south Los Angeles just been a westbound -- very down here the policy it was just a few blocks -- if -- see every couple block tears because westbound. You could speed -- money why -- It three or four LA county care side deputies pursued if this. This Alley he hear anywhere LEU southwest division out here -- what -- -- 77 division. But Agassi trying to divert these officers the suspects nor the -- out of the window we're gonna catch up but we hear what's -- our little part to fight it. And we're going to be bad now westbound passing by and -- Robbery suspects right now doctor what -- -- but is it all start about a half but now half hour ago in the Santa Clarita area Alec not -- care of. At that their pursuit -- him for about thirty minutes like we said earlier dropped off he suspects at two different locations definitely. Where they set up a perimeter and appropriately to be looking for them. But now right now we have at -- It definitely -- person the driver of possibly a second person because we have seen what they want out of that back with bill -- that car. It's the out there almost looks like -- might be told that right rear passengers he -- -- that would it has to connect. At least a couple of but here. It back to the right Rebecca backed by itself so we're going to more body comes out. Lot of people watching this it involved with the pursuit brought out the streets back westbound as we -- up to pick up. You can see that at least three or four -- -- already have sick care -- -- Alec I care air support -- your overhead right now that the back up what we believe this is here Hoover Vermont. Look at all the people standing around -- this. Yeah fetus is not a good idea these are so either citizens get involved care throughout governor gone into -- out. But it looks like they're giving it up they're gonna -- about very heated situation here not here. If they know the -- got at the -- they are armed or not but here stop -- you know working at this point at least we suspect that the out of -- car clearing the right side of the car. And picking up -- the capacity.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{"id":17220268,"title":"Bank Robbery Suspects Throw Cash Out of Car During Police Chase","duration":"3:00","description":"Los Angeles police pursue and eventually arrest two men in dark SUV.","url":"/US/video/bank-robbery-suspects-throw-cash-car-police-chase-17220268","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}