Banner Removed From Nativity Scene

Freedom From Religion Foundation takes a stance against Texas nativity display.
1:26 | 12/15/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Banner Removed From Nativity Scene
This was. A -- today when when young man on the banner on. What else wrong. Ose notified. The sheriff's deputies -- instructed -- take it now. In part to sign reads there are no gods no devils no angels. No heaven in no help. The -- who put it up told -- TV he had permission to put it there but the county says otherwise. My understanding Rosie and know what part quickly got up put it up and then. Took -- quickly as he pulled. The -- was paid for by the freedom from religion foundation in place next to this nativity -- that we we received actually received a letter Monday. Requests in the procedure. That they would have to go through. To -- -- -- And we -- in the process -- responding -- that. This is a copy of that letter it's dated December 7 and asks the county to respond in ten days. In judge Richard Sanders says they still plan to do that. What we're -- basically do is we are -- inform them of the procedure that hey AK AB is done. To decorate not only for Christmas but for all the other seasons. Of the year. They say KB keep Athens beautiful is in charge of the lawn decorations. And the freedom from religion is requests will be considered by both KB as well as the county.

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{"duration":"1:26","description":"Freedom From Religion Foundation takes a stance against Texas nativity display.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15163015","title":"Banner Removed From Nativity Scene ","url":"/US/video/banner-removed-nativity-scene-15163015"}