'Barefoot Bandit' Sentenced

Colton Harris-Moore gets more than 7 years in jail.
1:51 | 12/17/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Barefoot Bandit' Sentenced
Clothing Harris Moore came to court asking for mercy and he got it. He was very delighted and surprised and I think he's starting to -- in the system. The prosecution insist Harris Moore earned every minute of his seven year three month sentence after a two year crime spree that terrorized dozens of families and businesses in three counties. It's burglaries frightened and distressed people. They felt unsafe -- their own homes particularly at night Robert Blair said his wife is afraid to be alone he says -- broke into their home and -- supplies and a handgun. You've been violated and these people think he's the hero. They've obviously never been violated by something like this -- Told the judge -- told their property that robbed them of their sense of safety as a victim I felt and still -- -- unmasked. And our islands which -- -- he just didn't understand. That fear and it's not an excuse. I -- I think -- be clear we're not here to argue about whether he's responsible. For what he Denton. Because he -- Harris Moore pleaded guilty to 31 counts and entered an Alfred plea on a stolen gun charge the defense asked the judge to consider colds quote horrible childhood. Not just an excuse but -- context. To judge responded and said Colton had all life's little better than a dog. And I will impose the lower industry standard. First memory. In his life. Was his mother told him. That you'd really be all better off if he'd been. -- -- A defense psychiatrist alleged -- was neglected and abused by his parents suffers from prenatal alcohol syndrome and started stealing food from neighbors because he had no food. That's how the court system works we advocates for our position the defense advocates for -- and the judge gets to make the final call and like I said I think. She's a good judge.

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{"id":15178058,"title":"'Barefoot Bandit' Sentenced","duration":"1:51","description":"Colton Harris-Moore gets more than 7 years in jail. ","url":"/US/video/barefoot-bandit-sentenced-15178058","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}