Cops Shoot BART Victim's Cousin

Oscar Grant's cousin, Tony Jones, 24, recuperating in Oakland, Calif., hospital.
1:46 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for Cops Shoot BART Victim's Cousin
-- tree -- works grant emerged from highland hospital in Oakland after waiting all day to see her son. She says he was shot in the lower back after running from Oakland police a late Sunday night. My talk to -- somewhat sensitive moment officers is -- they watch me get out the quarry watch me walk. And get a -- speeding up and -- I took off running. Across street -- Barbara not just aren't they go back out now back. Her son is 24 year old Tony Jones. She says he is a cousin of Oscar grant the Hayward man shot and killed by a -- police officer on New Year's Day 2009. Sunday evening shortly before midnight. Oakland police stopped a car on the 2000 block of 62 avenue police say they suspect that the vehicle might be linked to a robbery that had just occurred in the area. While police have not identified Jones by name they say a passenger with a gun that ran from the vehicle and was shot by an officer. Jones' mother and attorney deny he had a gun. Tony -- he can that have no good he got out of vehicles some ready bag lady ten dollars. We give him a ride to wherever he got shot at. For several hours today attorney walking McCoy says he was denied the right to meet with his client -- the hospital. Going so far as to take a picture of the Oakland officer he says refused entry after Jones wanted to see his attorney. We believe that what happened is -- that the Oakland Police Department is. Hiding the fact that they shot him. In his back while he was -- retreat from jones' mother says her son was on probation but would not say for what. He's -- nice guy he's just been home my name a couple of days for his connection to lose lopped -- ten years. We have not didn't actually via the house what his nephew my grandson hospital hospital.

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{"id":15768679,"title":"Cops Shoot BART Victim's Cousin","duration":"1:46","description":"Oscar Grant's cousin, Tony Jones, 24, recuperating in Oakland, Calif., hospital.","url":"/US/video/bart-victims-cousin-shot-police-15768679","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}