Chicago Bartender Beating: City Ordered to Pay $850,000

City vows to fight ruling because they say the police officer responsible was off-duty.
3:00 | 11/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chicago Bartender Beating: City Ordered to Pay $850,000
A jury has decided that the city of Chicago must pay 850000. Dollars to a bartender who was brutally beaten by a drunken policeman. The city -- to keep fighting because the -- though was. Off duty but a bartender says the police department itself is to blame Paul -- of -- Chicago station WLS has the story. Come ex cop Anthony -- body chose not to discuss the verdict. The city contended that -- pummeling a bartender Carol you know Briscoe was unprovoked inexcusable. But the responsibility rested where the body alone a cop who was off duty and completely dropped. A brisk -- attorneys though argue brought to trial. That a body acted the way he did because he was -- afraid of the consequences. That he would be protected by a long standing police code of silence. There was never any question. But that there is a quota silence alive and well in the Chicago Police Department. Can we had the incredible burden in this case proving that it was widespread. In persistence. The jury three men and -- women agreed accepting the argument that a body conspired with other officers to minimize the case against him. And that higher -- sought to soft -- the case it was not to damage the department's reputation. -- then head of internal affairs has strongly disputed that. The jury awarded missile -- 850000. Dollars in damage. I'm still Shaq and then. There's so -- cuts on my mind that I really don't know what to finish. One of the things she does says the justice was served attorneys for the city would not comment on camera about the city in a written statement says that respectfully disagrees with the decision. And we intend to challenge that verdict for post trial motions and if necessary on appeal the power of this -- weighed heavily. I don't know that was as the determining factor in what they decided but I think. Just giving it out of there was gonna make it -- very uphill battle. When Paul Mikey from WLS. Reporting that -- it was hard to watch he's two at the time was 265. Pound -- -- was -- 115 pound. Woman any kind of violence many -- -- -- hard to watch for particularly some -- can tirade like that. Yeah and -- -- -- -- cleanup from the police department the superintendent at the time. Stepped down and then they vowed to clean up their image as well so it looks like there are vowing to fight it because he was off duty at the time. The mayor there Rahm Emanuel says look there's not a you know -- silence -- code of silence in this department but he Nelson you know find those who think there isn't and root them out but. Tough to argue with he has a grant for a woman who had to endure that but -- messy --

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{"id":17717490,"title":"Chicago Bartender Beating: City Ordered to Pay $850,000","duration":"3:00","description":"City vows to fight ruling because they say the police officer responsible was off-duty.","url":"/US/video/bartender-beating-alleged-drunken-chicago-police-officer-city-17717490","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}