Battle over Britney: The conservatorship hearing

ABC News shine a spotlight on pop star Britney Spears ahead of her speaking out in court for the first time on her conservatorship.
39:33 | 06/23/21

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Transcript for Battle over Britney: The conservatorship hearing
Britney brought us here. Your kids. Now she is facing the music. Speaking out for the first time in court in the battle over her conservator ship with her father and so what's its date for Britney Spears. How did she get here after skyrocketing to pop star stainless and what is the free Britney movement saying. This is a battle over Brittany chicken Serb leadership hearing here are Diane Macedo and Terry Moran. Hi everyone I'm and casino. And I'm Terry Moran thanks for joining us who we looking at a live shot there. Of the Los Angeles county superior courthouse were later this afternoon Britney Spears will virtually address a judge at her own request. Concerning her conserve leadership he comes thirteen years into a court enforced conservative ship. That gave her father Jamie control over much of the pop star's life and money last year a lawyer argued to have her father removed from her conservative ship. Now Britney will address the core directly for the first time. A new report from the New York Times says court documents allege pretty have been trying to end the conservative ship for years. A grassroots movement of fans is also rallying against the conservative ship questioning why the court considers Britney unable to care for herself. Many of those fans are planning to be outside that courthouse this afternoon we're going to hear from some of them a little later. But first let's check in with Caylee hard time was outside the courthouse in LA Kinney what we expect today. Hey Diane Terry out finally a chance to hear from the pop princess herself. She largely silent throughout this thirteen year conservatives ship. About how she feels about losing control of her life and her finances but keep in mind. This hearing was requested by her lawyer a year ago when may petition the judge to have her father removed from her conservative ship. How it's unclear. What specific issues show bring up today here whether or not she'll ask for an end to be put it it's conserve your ship altogether you mentioned that new reporting from the New York Times that says. Britney's been working behind the scenes for years. To get out of this controlled situation that she's in. So they have here we are now not this me as though they'll actually get to see Britney today this is going to be a virtual appearance by her in front of the giants. The judge is not allowing us to see video of britney's appearance will only be able to at least in hand. And they're not allowing any of this any of the proceedings to be recorded so we'll be standing dying to let you know what happens. As for the free Britney movement those very loyal fans of hers that you've seen so long stint. Come out in force to support her we haven't seen any sign of yet more so about four hours away from this court hearing getting started and you can bet that fifteen. Here we'll pick up and coming our guys we have heard so much about this moment and yet this will be the first time we actually hear from Britney herself getting hard time. Thank you were gonna check back in with you in just a moment. And it is an empty. Port and legal and the personal autonomy issue for Britney Spears she's been under a conservative ship. For more than a decade now with her financial and even personal decisions being made for her. In a new report in the New York Times you've heard about. It says that court documents show britney's previously alleged that conservatives quote restricted everything from who she dated. To the color her kitchen cabinets summer fans and friends say the star should be free but to debt at the first time we're hearing from Brittany herself. On what she wants here's Kara Phillips. That unmistakable. Sound that can only be. For the first time in nearly thirteen years. And Britain and will address. Directly telling the judge what she thinks of the conservative or ship she's been under britney's conserve and her ship was initially orchestrated by her father Jamie allowing her father to make life decisions for her. While also controlling what is now her estimated sixty million dollar estate. Britney's court appointed lawyer says his client has called it conservator ship the voluntary. But is seeking substantial changes. Including her father's removal as co conserve better over finances. Ingram says britney's afraid of her father. And will not perform again if her dad is in charge of her career are Amy robot asked Jamie spears lawyer about the statement. Why would that happen why would that statement be made. Throughout one each money. Britney and her father had many conversations. And in fact early on in the pandemic they spent two weeks with other family members hunkered down in Louisiana. Britney and Jamie went on long drives together. They played and worked in the Stanley card and and every night Jamie cook southern comfort food that the family aid can enjoy together. And in that time Britney never expressed those words to her father she's never asked him to step aside. Well he retains control over finances Jamie did step down as personal conserve water in 2019. Citing health reasons. The New York Times out with a new report. After obtaining confidential court records from 2016. Revealing Britney was more opposed to the conserve better ship than previously known. And felt forced to perform. The conservative ship restricting who she dated. Even the color ever kitchen cabinets so far Britney has not asked the court to end her conserving her ship I'm totally fine. Are extremely happy now the question is will she also tell that to the court. Cure Phillips ABC news Washington. And I thank secure Phelps for that report and joining us now that. Help us understand and break this all down is ABC news legal contribute channel Lloyd family law attorney David Glass has was ABC news contributor Chris Connelly. And New York Times senior story editor and co creator that framing Brittany. Filmed documentary there's just so good lives days with as well welcome all. And David L I want to begin with you. Because lot of people haven't heard what a conservative ship is that's a legal term and who is normally placed under want to how do you explain that. A conservative or ship is a legal proceeding. Where someone comes to the court any family member or friend. And says my father or mother or aunt or uncle is incapacitated. They had they. A problem with their thinking they have a problem with their memory or perhaps they have a problem with their emotional functioning and they simply can't care for themselves. Or care for their money there are state. Us or they come to the court asking to be appointed to handle all those decisions for the incapacitated person. And how unusual listed for someone britney's cage and apparent capacities. To beyond her conservative ship like this. It's extremely unusual got conservative ships by and large are for elderly people suffering from dementia or alzheimer's disease or an advance psychological disorder. To see a young person conserved his relatively rare and then to see a young person conserved for thirteen years is extremely rare when you do see a young person enter into a conservative ship typically they they go for treatments. They get prescribed medication. There are motions in their logic balances out and they are able to come out of the conservative ship relatively quickly and that's just not the case in this in this story. That shot every years some fans have been pointing to britney's continued ability to work and perform all this time. As Evan isn't she can take care of herself and doesn't need to be in this conserve readership how strong is that as a legal argument. And. Not strong enough for a legal argument because although she may be functioning in their day to day tasks it doesn't mean that she's able to function at a higher capacity in order to handle managing her finance. That's a different standard and show you're going to be looking out a lot of medical experts. Talking about and mental health evaluation to see if she's able to function at a higher capacity to manage our finances. Then on the flip side Jamie spears and his lawyer have said that. He would love for her to not need this conservative ship but that he's doing this in her best interest and his attorney. Has also pointed out that britney's finances have grown exponentially since that conservative ship was in stated so. How much pulled that factor into this decision. So. If factor for the court the court wants to make sure that whoever is a minute as a had a conservatives are ship. Is managing the resource is making sure that they would use what they should do have become beneficial to their conservative. So they wanna see a financial situation that is going to be better than it was because that's the purpose of that comes our petition is to make sure that no end of the financial resources are being. And let your co creator of the documentary framing Brittany which is such a deep dive and so humane a look at at this remarkable story just yesterday you and other reporters. From the New York Times reported that court documents show that britney's previously alleged to conservatives quote restricted everything from who she dated. To the color of the in her kitchen cabinets as we've been reporting. And that she's been pushing to end this conservative ship for years so we should know that ABC news has reached out to Jamie spears about that new report. Not heard back. What does your new reporting tell us I had a Briton sir today how significant is it. So. Earlier according as you note reveals that you coach for years earlier than anyone New Britain has been pushing to ending censorship and she even raising complaints about her father's statements in his role as conspirator ash and this is really surprising because defenders of the cancer shift happening teens should that not only is this in Britain is best interest but that she could file and in any kind of she still wanted to watch basically implying that she wanted to be in this consider her shift. And so what surprised you most about what you read in those court documents given to. What would the story up till now what people have been hearing and public. A few things surprise he knows her stuff with how troubled Britney and Jamie relationship has been from the various starter Jamie was not around very much and she is current up and he had serious alcohol issue bush and his CNET Britney was raging court asking 24 teach. His drinking and his stay in Steve eagar conserve our airwaves with really shocking each. Yet I think that was very surprising lunch that Britney for the record investigator in 26 teach that she was sick of being taken advantage of and that everyone around her depended on her for their income you often hear from critics of the conspirator ship that you know this system and profits are free speech but to hear directly from her now according to lesser or it's very surprising. That Chris you've covered Britney Spears for years now you worked at and TV when her career took off and you covered her in 2008 when she was first placed. Under this conservative ship after apparently suffering a mental health crisis so what stood out to you watching her life and career through the years. And also her relationship with her father. You know there's a wonderful line in framing Britney Spears the documentary that says we don't know what we don't know. And now thanks to the reporting of the New York Times it seems like we are knowing a lot of the things that we didn't know previously. One of the things that's striking about Jamie spears involvement is when you think of pop music and fathers you think of in some cases people who are really controlling from an early stage and a pop star's career. Think of Joseph Jackson the way he really oversaw the creation of the Jackson 5. Mathew Knowles britney's about it met Matthew Knowles who was no beyonce his father had division for Destiny's Child when beyonce was just eleven Joe Simpson with Ashley and that Jessica Simpson or even. When the NFL wanted sits hock to Whitney Houston about the way she was gonna do the National Anthem they called John Houston. None of these situations applies to Jamie spears. He was not involved in the early stages of her career in any way when Britney and Lynne her mother collaborated on a book in 2000 cult heart to heart. Who is of 144. Page book. Jamie spears was mentioned once so this is a very unusual turn of events that he would come into her life in a professional way so late in the game and perhaps begins. For help us understand whether such mistrust here. And and Chris I wonder he talk about the history of a father's parents in there in who lives and careers. Child stars young stars like this. And and he wasn't involved in this. So what does that tell you about her career and about you know why she's in this situation. Well I mean each the years she showed up it it's in the early ninety's in the late ninety's like you know like she'd stepped off the meteor right she was a star right from the drop and it was something that you worked on for a long time. But this have been summoned and important to her and her mother it was her mother who and Britney was nine years old drove for all the way to Atlanta for the open call audition for the new Mickey Mouse club. It was her mother who went to New York with her when she worked as an understudy to a play. So this was very much not Jamie spears side of the trial when it came to britney's career and so. The conflicts that they are experiencing now. Do not Blake's you know do not stem from his being involved in her career to an early age. Can head and David and I could come back to you. On this what the court will hear from Brittany spears today. So what could impact could her statement half. In her conservative ship and her future in general. Well the court is looking to hear from Brittany exactly what she wants at this moment. What's a little bit unusual is that typically before a conservatives he addresses the court. There are pleadings on file explaining what that person wants the court to do. Here we simply don't have that her appointed attorney singling them. Came relatively out of nowhere at the last hearing and said she'd like to address the court and she'd like to do it on an expedited basis. So while what she says will be important to the court I doubt the court can make any important decisions today because there simply aren't the pleadings that. What Britney wants to do. It's unlikely that she has the medical records are Norris psychological testing that could prove that she has regained her capacity. Com and so we're just gonna have to wait and see what Britney has to say to the court. And Shana. But while we talk a lot about Jamie spears she's not the only person involved in this conspirator ship when it comes to britney's finances is also a financial company. That is part of this conservative ship in partially helps manage your finances so could this decision also impact. That third party and the conservative ship. Absolutely dessert party is appointed because they typically are gonna get a financial geysers are usually our party independent and they have extensive while the information about finances to assist him push this can impact them because it's a conservative trichet was dissolved and none of them would be needed or they may see Shura police in touch with someone that works or that financial company because you can always change is heading to answer Patricia. And and everybody you just come back Johnson that people might be confused about it Britney Spears comes into court and tells the judge I don't want this conservative of all I'm I'm happy with concern ship. I'm not happy with the current conservatory my dad. Why shouldn't that goes she's lived an adult while why shouldn't that determined the course of events. The basic problem here is that. She's under a conservatory ship because at some point in the past and periodically since then the court has determined. That she lacks either the logical abilities or memory abilities or emotional modulation abilities to make decisions for herself so until she and her legal team can prove. That she has capacity she has the ability to make decisions for herself for her own person. We're guarding her own assets and earned income. What she has to say he doesn't have those underpinnings. So well again while it's important in the court wants to hear from her. Until they have all those pieces of information. That we'll show that she has regained her capacity what she has to say is not gonna rule today. And Liz what are some key points you'll be listening for today. Well I had no one really knows that he's gonna say it's very rare that she speaks to the order and it's never been done publicly for all of us to be able to hear. And so you know enhance since I'm just interested to hear what it is that she wants. I doubt some of that I hope Liz day Sean a lawyer David Glass and Chris Connelly thanks very much for helping us understand this important day. We in many ways. At just sixteen years old Britney Spears this small town girl from a tiny Louisiana town shot to pop super stardom with the release of her first hit. Baby one more time when we come back where to take a look at Britney Spears road. Becoming the princess of pop. Stay with us. So Whisenhunt I think I'm more comfortable on stage. I am my own hands when I Gittens age. It's kind of like a chance to like Thailand is something he's not maintained. It's your turn and jewelry and then we'll look back in my OK I just in that CNN. Welcome back that was Britney Spears talking to Diane Sawyer back in 2003. This same year Britney released her fourth. Chart topping album in the zone and won a Grammy for her hit song toxic. Spears a small town girl from a Louisiana town just 2000 people. Is one of the most successful pop stars of all time she sold nearly 100 million records worldwide. She and her first hit baby one more time has gone platinum. Fourteen. Times so how did she become the princess of pop candy hearts fund has her story. When you think we ninety's you think fashion. Hole in. I don't it's. You've got mail. Pop music. Headlined by the princess of pop Britney spares. There are written speech. Britney Spears ex and in this two of the best selling albums of all time baby one more time. The move and the son did it again. But before she became. Royalty spears was just a small town southern girl. At eleven years old she landed a spot on Disney's Mickey Mouse club. At fifteen spears signed her first record deal with Jive Records the same label behind the convoy band Backstreet boys and N'sync. And it was that record deal that brought us britney's breakout album. Data from this video. The conversations life a bowel transforming Britney from this small town Louisiana girl. She's someone raised broader national appeal. Ability. The EE. Maintaining. That core values of being a young girl and being a member of American society and not. Being some mythical fantastical. Superhero time. Like for instance in the baby one more time video being able CU. Where Catholic school girl outfit but tied the shirt around her waist didn't put little heat pump Thompson your hair and Wear make up in school these are things that only a young adult dreams of doing and they can't really deep in real life and soul. It's a bit of a fantasy but it's grounded NIC. She's still a member of their peer group so it was about building. Publish on to the top of the charts sold more than ten million copies of blends can experience helps them don't you get this kind of audience reaction everywhere. Yeah that. It's a little more boisterous I'm. Spears was named the first lady of MTV's total request live for First Lady. She's good British. Thousands of Britney. Fans to Times Square during her first ever performance. In 2000 her second album oops I did it again sold one point three million copies in the first week. Setting a record for sales by a solo artist when you think that's neat brick. Ian just eighteen years coach you her match in. Career could have the art it is absolutely did not think that it all I need you know Britney was not the first female teen pop artist a there were others still four are. And along side her. It was absolutely different than any of those girls. There is unique. Talents were recognized my other pop icons like Madonna I saw something. Today Madonna was wearing a privy speaker's future. I was out of and I don't know and non financial economy hormonal cycle this is really new because some sound ethical. Eight national Ali's listened I had. From in the opener for magazines who Madonna wearing a pretty spears T shirt public school. And year after year fierce storm this stage of MTV's video music awards. Point of her most iconic of those performances was in 2001. Singing her hit I'm asleep for you this snake around her neck. Everyone now. They look back and they're like what happened to your sweet image that you used to be and I like. They came I thought I was too provocative it's if you can never win no matter what she do at the end of the day you can't please everybody you know I'm not here to please. When her conservative ship was created in 2008 spears kept making music and touring and her fans stuck buyer some meat in creating the free Britain movement. They are in her corner SAR today because all of those kids that were. 678910. Years old in 1998. And so they're part of the whole free Brittany movement which is really marvelous because what that says about Britney is that she name east people skills so welcomed into her life. Now they wanted to end her ability. To have her online age. Now 2013. She announced her two year residency in Las Vegas on Good Morning America. And in 2019. And second Las Vegas residents. But shortly after spears announced she was taking an indefinite work hiatus canceling that residency citing her father jingles health concerns. Now it's. Been years since we've zero HI saw her for a date yes and absolutely have been reaction. You still got it and then she was not. G are seeing Britney comeback what we see her onstage again. 100%. 100%. Pleased to see her back on stage again. So in the thirteen years that britney's been under this conservative ship tally it up she's worked distaste for to Vegas residency is Susan judge on the X-Factor she created clothing line up perfume line. And that's the real irony here. After a judge ruled that she was unfit to make her own decisions. And she was incapable of managing her own money. She continued to bring in millions of dollars. And I volunteer guides both sides data gonna use that in court today. The Caylee I want to ask you for a little personal perspective here because you were also from Louisiana and just like Britney Spears. So big even deal is her rise to fame especially for those who also grew up in small towns. Sand right out of the gate. At Britney at fifteen years old. I remember so vividly the first time I saw that hit me baby one more time video because I already knew who she wise and piercing was the small town Louisiana girl. Making a big on MTV and none of us could've announcing the group. Mobile pop star. If she would become what we think about that video. She was still relatable in those early days you sorry there in that Catholic school girls uniform walking the halls of the high school in this school gym she looked like. She could be one of your classmates and then. Her career blew up to a level again none of us could ever imagine. It's stiff and an incredible story you'll want to. Given name is its biggest story in pop holds your guests. And we will be here to let you know what happened inside this courthouse today dance. Candy hearts on Boras in LA outside the courthouse can't thank you. And for more gritty stories let's bring in ABC news contributor Chris Connolly senior writer Rolling Stone Britney spent innocent series XM radio host ABC's contributor. Mike muse who's actually here on -- we are first onset guests and my my very happy to have you here. But Chris M actually does start with with you as I mentioned before you worked at and TV when Britney Spears. Became a household name I know you covered her and depth for years it sticks out to you that you feel like the general public. Either doesn't know about Britney or maybe forgets about Britney when it comes to her story and the larger context here. Both great a year ago the people talking that piece just now about how relatable she was because that was really a big part of repeal from the beginning. I think you could say she was the time. You know pop stars male and female and were you see during a lot of demands and their being somewhat imperious and that was not at all what Britney Spears was like in those early days. Never allows Contra dog stuff about like. The contract writers people had an advance they had to be backstage that we tribute orange Eminem's for Mike Mussina and asset backed I think exactly. Audio I think Britney want it wasn't with a telephone which tells you a long ago that was. And if somebody call the phone the promoter at the pay 5000 dollars. So she was really low maintenance cynic and accessible that way and she came at a crucial time in MTV's history and a pop music history remember. In 19983. Of the biggest music stars of the ninety's. Had died in the ninety's by gunfire. You had notorious BIG Kurt Cobain and to park she cooler. So it was time for something that struck a different note and she came on just with energy and vitality and used. And she really changed the game as you saw. And rocketed. I had to stardom it seems like one day there were dead there was no Brittany and then Britney was everywhere so pretty spot us a back at askew according to billboard. So it's six there were problems though it just looked have hit number one on the billboard 200 chart and in the US alone she sold more than seventy million albums singles and digital songs Gordon Nielsen music so. How significant. Is it that this major pop said its major figure in American culture is in the spotlight like this from his legal battle do you think. Mean a thing with Britney Spears is that she became an iPad almost immediately that's pretty unprecedented especially. At that time where there is that the exerted boom these teenage pop star Britney was the blueprint for. Everyone who came after her end. She just immediately became dean thank if she was beaten in still is the pop star she's the princess of pop and there's no taking that away from her let us. Mount significant influence she's had over pop music is so extraordinary. In a way that we haven't seen so much heat in the last you got gates where. Almost every single major pop acts. You can drive a direct mind tune Britney Spears you know you look at. Taylor Swift Miley Cyrus look at yeah just any what I what Iraq creek you look at Billy I'll actually eat it all. There is that want to Britain stares except it's. It is very tragic and you know importance beat looking at this case because. Borders so many young stars for teenage stars especially. The way that Britney Spears is entered the world and away the browser is treated east years it is an important channel to study and to learn from and it. Bullying not see replicated in the future and it's unfortunate that we had to continue C career but to be respected and be treated like aching NBC. And Chris in 2000 innate Britney was placed under this conservative ship following two hospitalizations. Income or concerns. Surrounding her mental health and substance issues so take us back to 2008 what do we know about what was going on with Britney during that time. The one thing that everybody loves about young stars is that they are compliance. They will do what you want them to do oh she's willing to do that and Britney worked harder than anyone else so much so that someone like Melissa Joan Hart who appeared with Britney in that crazy video. Who had been ensued TV shows utterance that Britney you're working too hard. So there comes a time and every young star's life when they will do what people Allison the do and then a moment. When they will not and that's what happened when Britney gets 45 and what happened and fortunately afterwards that it was a downward spiral that was in fact. Part of the new technologies that were happening in this kind of boom in the paparazzi so world Hewitt TMC they are that referred to Britney I think I think Harvey TMZ once it did light cue Britney for that site was like crack for an addict. You had this huge boom in the paparazzi game where the the the magazines were paying huge prices where you she got one shot of Britney in a particular way you can make over 100000 dollars. At the height of her boasts you know degree of her greatest turmoil when she would leave her house. Thirty cars would follow her to star barks or exes the gas station it was an insane situation. And that's what good eventually resulted in her. Getting the conservative ship. Now last week Britney took questions from her fans on insert image she was asked whether she'll perform again I want to take a look at her answer. How do I am ready to take the stage again and I gonna take the stage again my attitude to stage a game. I have no idea I'm having fun right now I'm a transition in my life and enjoy myself and up next. It's like what do you make of this answer his fans and answer them are dissecting every single word that she says that particular part where she's saying she's in a transition period yet. That's never a question that I don't think we know the answer to that. I think whatever Britney Spears used to do with her right she's given so much of the public is giving so much of herself to ask for us to be entertained the ailing Chris outlined the demands at that cost of her personally in the bought ability of being ex bulls. So whenever she's used to do going forward I think it's up to her but. I don't know if the states is still in her so be curious to figure out it's a lot has been on her identity music isn't an Arab I don't know who siege this snakes. Are wrapped around her neck again but we never know. And Mike you know you pop music courses is a young persons have business mostly. She had such a huge impact. On so many people on a generations of people. I hear she is that this different point in her life when I think a broader impact of today's hearing however goes. Will be with Brittany back in the spotlight on a broader culture. I think it brought of course raw gonna have to examine the role that we have our Slade and Britney Spears rise and somewhat safe falter and her transition are trying to get back got to owning her identity again. I think the media has a role to play in terms of how we engage that celebrities in particular young girls. Mats are coming of age inciting themselves I think is also the taking note for those who are musicians and artists and jurors in the states in terms of how to create guard rails like we're all in this space now we're talking about self care mental health awareness. I think it's important for those individuals at stake that too as well. But seeing Britney going to court to testify to gain her own autonomy. I think it rocks not just those of us in the media Dole's hurried to stands or Britney Spears but I'm a human interest level as a full grown adult to watch another adult essentially have to get permission from Arafat there on how much money she can get per week. After all the work that she hats died. I think from a human interest respect and understand a legal perspective but from the human inches respect him I think that resonates well with a lot of people in some people would say that's. It's just not fair it seems. Tonight Mike muse Chris Connolly Britney status great to have you all thank you thank you. And some spears. And some of Spears' biggest fans have rallied behind the pop start questioning why accord continues to consider her unable to care for herself. When we come back we'll speak with the two women who helped create a viral hash tag free Britney and here with the free Britney movement is saying now. I believe every great. I think human rights issue. That's civil rights issue a women's rights issue. A disability rights issue and so much more. The issue of interrogation could be it affects thousands of people across the nation and beyond. And we must abdicate to affect change in the probate court. Qualifying to the in the coming. I am very passionate about fighting to settle ingredients. To restore our rights to other concerts. We'll have also been rounds by justice system. Pretty should be able to live life on her own terms I start abdicating because none of people we're taking the issue of conservative ship to keep seriously. And I really wanted to use my voice to make a difference. I'll fight for britney's freedom because Britney had worked consistently throughout this entire conserve her shift when did she get the chance to prove herself. Point two hardships you mix when he should not result of city life sentences under conservative ships. Welcome back those were some of Britney Spears is biggest fans rallying behind the so called free Britney movement. Many of them are working professionals who dedicate their spare time to questioning why the court considers Britney Spears unable to care for herself. And we should know that one of those activists you heard from there Leigh Ann Simmons works for our parent company Disney. At a hash tag free Britney was actually started by two women who launched the britney's Graham podcast which examines an. Analyzes Britney Spears and social media posts and the hosts a britney's grand test barker and batted prayer actually here with us with a little bit more on this hi ladies thanks for being here. Yeah about. Start with you Leon you have this new podcast dropping next month toxic the Britney Spears story. And it's taking a deep dive into the concern ownership and sort of the larger issue of the legal system. That Britney Spears is now in so why you're doing all this research what surprised you most about this conservative or ship. I think what surprised us most is chests. That it wasn't right from the beginning you know we've analyzed the weekend that she got conserved. Every which way we can and there were many many things that happens that were unjust and to. You know we don't feel like choosing put into a in the correct for correct reasons or in the correct way so from the very beginning we think it was an unjust situation. And test in britney's dad and his lawyers have argued that Jamie would love to see Britney not need a conservative should put. He's acting in his daughter's best interest is what he claims. His larger point that the britney's finances have grown exponentially. Under the conservative ship she's much wealthier now than she was. Forty said all that. Well I think for starters the idea that it the conservatives have this sub out Brittany a wait and bad idea of doing its use. It's questionable at best because its consumers have been very expensive for Britney you know at one NG new players vivienne parry and makes over a thousand dollars hour. And cities are very and to proceedings that are going on every time somebody's every community in your court. It comes the big at the expense of Britney she's paying not only. For her own attorney who she didn't choose who bills 101000 dollars a week but Jeanine didn't hire expensive fleet of lawyers so. And all that's happening without her consent and that money be spent thinking it fits about the state of the conservative ship is helping her credit. And being taken advantage of financially when in fact large swap them for money are being spent without ever. And that's a lot has been said about what Britney wants it doesn't want to hear but this is the first time are gonna hear from her directly addressing the court what do you hope. To see happen today what are you listening for a set testimony happens. Who did Brit. Any can speak freely about how she feels about what she wants and I hope that it will. Make something happen I mean we just seen the New York Times piece that she spoken to the court many times about how she feels. About the situation I mean she's told the court that she's. You know after her lawyer that she's afraid of her father. And so the fact that that hasn't changed anything's really disturbing to us so. We're hoping that not only is she able to speak freely about what she wants but that there is able to be actions from those words. And test barker and that's great hosts of britney's Graham podcast we appreciate your time today thank you. Think you're having a and that does it for us our coverage will continue later this afternoon once Britney Spears has addressed the court. Around 4:30 eastern time until then thanks for watching I'm Diane Messina. And I'm Terry Moran thanks for joining us have a great day.

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