The battle over masks in schools

ABC News’ Faith Abubey reports from Texas on divisions over whether students should keep wearing masks in the classroom after the state lifted its mask mandate.
6:59 | 05/11/21

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Transcript for The battle over masks in schools
As more states have moved to reopen and lift mask mandates the nation's schools have been put in a particularly challenging position many operating with masks mandates for in person classes. As most students remain unvaccinated. Meanwhile battle lines have been drawn in communities between parents who still want their children wearing masks and school in those calling to get classes back to normal. Casey's fate of blue bay has the story. Like many parents across to country. A mean brand in Stafford struggled with the decision to send their children back for in person learning in the middle of the global health pin. I get a little. This decision. My husband and I. Ever hacked him. But in Texas parents quickly devised ways to make it work finding some comfort in a mandate that requires students and their kids school to mass Ka. But the census TT beef Celtics came crashing down on March 2. I mean ending. This day why did mask mandate. Texas governor Greg Abbott's new quarter meaning across the state schools where no longer required to keep their mask mandate in place. Many immediately abandoning or relaxing their stance. We were ready. You cool our youngest out this spying. She had special needs end which would have been absolutely detrimental to his education. We were put in a very different cultural aged. Either my husband's health or my son's education. Have kept. The president of the Texas chapter of the American Federation of Teachers and there was a cement well there are concerned. Are students. He needs in particular that we were. Texas isn't alone. Like the lone star state. Thirteen other states across the country have now lifted their mask mandate as pressure to return to normal builds vaccines become widely available. And Corbett cases drop in many states. But with the hand. It should be given a right to cheers. Just as our air as it I'll ask the right used parents on both sides of the issue against school administrators. And tensions boiling over during school board meeting. It's April 15 2021. And it's time take these masks off of my Childs. He's. State schools within the same county making opera the decisions after governors eased their restrictions one keeping Masterson plays. The other lifting the restrictions. This Harris doesn't consider desperate while and I and it doesn't make any sense when you're looking at a Herman epidemiological. Or medical standpoint. That you would allow individual districts. And many cases where where a streak would be providing the decision I don't know whether in ends Wear masks are not. I'm you know that's just not a way to make public policy. In Arkansas cross county school superintendent Nathan Morris lifted his district to mask mandate. After governor -- Hutchinson order easing restrictions while Delmas street in the same county Wayne school district has kept its order in place. Choosing instead to follow CDC guidelines that. Com that would make a decision our counting was found under him chases. In a in positives in the whole calorie. We had known in the school. She made time this were making politically. Beneficial decisions instead of science and health base decisions and this is not a political matter. It's a health matter. The sort of the only school district in bird he'll Texas chose to relax its mandate for children in third grade and below while still requiring masks for older kids well. It bother just one thing that's we have. Arquette friends turn those cautions the patchwork of school mask policies in communities across the country also creating some confusion among family members. We have a child and can pray and we have a child and weren't great so we asked why aren't yet how. Are unsafe T. You know and for the safety of others where's the math than me out another online news is called when he got half it it's optional. I just me. That sends the wrong mass. But officials in the Stafford and sort of families bird bill school districts see it from a different view. Welcoming the choice to make decisions based on local data and what the majority of your parents want. The party is his Texans do desire. Local governing and I applaud that I'd Gingrich we will more time. In Texas and several other states schools were caught of guard with no plan in place. When governors lifted their statewide mask mandates. There are several days where. People are almost and reality date because they didn't know what was that no Norman. Irish team eat now orders PM. The night before it went into our. I didn't know that the special board meeting with even happening. Andrew Morales a fourth grade social studies teacher says he was livid after hearing governor and its announcement the lifting the mass commanding. Unclear what was next for him his students and school staff. Some of the bigger school districts I'm sure were scrambling more so than we were. On whether or not they were gonna receive push back how they wanted to sue. Go moving forward. Weeks now into the new normal the lifting of the state wide mask mandate has also made way for new lawsuits. Bonnie Anderson and find other parents who school has kept to the mass mandate in place despite the governor lifting the requirement. Are now taking their case to a judge hoping to lift their schools order. I want something and strange duel a year. And they are born Howard's attorney is really interest and maintenance and how well there was no governor's order to. I hide behind the honesty and being to use as the reason why they were doing. But no matter where they stand on the issue one thing many parents agree on. Is that the pandemic candy governors have put schools in the difficult position. I think governor Rick seeing a man day. That forced. A lot of school districts. Some barely. Hard choice it. They shuttered people who took the CDC here you know it all aren't authority. Entity in order to make decision. In Texas feet a movie he BC news.

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{"duration":"6:59","description":"ABC News’ Faith Abubey reports from Texas on divisions over whether students should keep wearing masks in the classroom after the state lifted its mask mandate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77609688","title":"The battle over masks in schools","url":"/US/video/battle-masks-schools-77609688"}