Beagles Rescued From Lab

The Beagle Freedom Project is looking for homes for the dozens of rescued dogs.
1:36 | 11/26/11

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Transcript for Beagles Rescued From Lab
Like forty pure bred Eagles were rescued from a lab in Spain. Thanks to the -- freedom project the laboratory was closing and there they are going to kill -- dogs are -- need to make a commitment to get them out and -- now they did the dogs all mail arrived in LA two days ago these dogs range in age from four to seven years old and they all spent their entire lives in a laboratory. From the moment they're born that -- -- and in a cage. Never see that I today the only contact they -- is with human beings that -- pick them up to test on them and put them back. Eagles are often tested on because they are gentle docs. It's the characteristics which is that downfall because -- sudden noise which is why they use for this type of experiment with us they were used for human -- research. A lot of them have injuries they've -- tires now the biggest hurdle is getting these dogs into Foster homes three -- still -- -- medical on them before they can actually go to a permanent found fourteen dogs still need Foster homes. The -- freedom project picks up all expenses. And it cost over 50000. Dollars to bring the -- to Los Angeles. It's gonna cost more -- to just care for these drugs we just found out. -- -- -- teeth extracted any blood work done. They need a lot of help the small grassroots nonprofit is also in need of donations that they can continued their work and find these -- permanent homes. The dreams tackle these dogs in live in families live -- market normal it. -- Valley Village starship Phillips ABC seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":15032828,"title":"Beagles Rescued From Lab","duration":"1:36","description":"The Beagle Freedom Project is looking for homes for the dozens of rescued dogs. ","url":"/US/video/beagles-rescued-lab-15032828","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}