White House Official: US Can Work With Iraq to Fight ISIS

Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes tells Jon Karl of “ways we can coordinate with Iraqi forces … to combat the threat.”
3:01 | 08/13/14

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Transcript for White House Official: US Can Work With Iraq to Fight ISIS
Very pretty a street corner or we'll be refugees to -- -- that now. Yes and their range of options I don't wanna get ahead. Decisions haven't been made yet we're gonna rely on what. The team's report back in terms of their assessment but if you look at quarters you look at -- you look at different ways to move people. When a very dangerous place on that mountain to a safer position and that's exactly what. Our team is doing on the ground now in Iraq. It's I don't know we gained no ground troops. In Iraq is he willing to consider the option of sending. A certain number of troops there are rumors of establishing something like me. Healing Force Protection -- there's any remorse in court. Well we haven't made that a decision at this point John we want to. See what the circumstances are see what options are available for moving. Those people who are trapped on the -- we obviously have not just US personnel who could potentially be engaged and that type of effort. We have Kurdish forces who are engaged in the area. We IS -- We have international partners who also want to support. That provision of humanitarian assistance. I'm so we'll look at what the best way in the safest way is to get those people off that mountain and the presently making decisions after he hears back. From the military about what they found on the ground there in Iraq. -- the president's I don't know -- -- combat troops over. In Iraq does that statement. Extend into the idea C court. You know he's -- -- -- these rumors reducing I think Reuters it is the president hasn't ruled outstanding individual troops. To establish a -- or for the refugees. Well again yes and received a recommendation. To establish a quarter at this point oh yeah. He's when he ruled out is reintroducing US forces in the combat on the ground in Iraq. But -- a variety of ways in which we can support. Say removal of those people from -- And frankly we -- have people on the ground working with Kurdish forces. And -- joint operation center and -- so there ways in which we can coordinate with Iraqi forces on the ground for instance. And seeking to combat -- threat from IS IO. And -- and bring people to say space. But again as we make decisions about what the best course of action is -- -- people to safety. We will be very transparent about that I think the principle holds. That we're not putting ground forces in combat role on Iraq. We're using US military personnel. To assess what the best ways to bring people to safety and with the best ways to provide them with humanitarian assistance. But again always. Force Protection -- -- mission. For US personnel wherever they are. And the world that's certainly true of the reinforcements. That are protecting our facilities and -- beyond Baghdad.

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{"id":24968042,"title":"White House Official: US Can Work With Iraq to Fight ISIS","duration":"3:01","description":"Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes tells Jon Karl of “ways we can coordinate with Iraqi forces … to combat the threat.”","url":"/US/video/ben-rhodes-ways-coordinate-iraqi-forcesto-combat-threat-24968042","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}