Terror Suspect Arrested for Involvement in Benghazi Attacks

US officials say Ahmed Abu Khattala was captured Sunday by American troops working with the FBI.
5:36 | 06/17/14

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Transcript for Terror Suspect Arrested for Involvement in Benghazi Attacks
More for US special ops the rest of one of the man behind the terror attacks and Ben Ghazi Libya. Back in 2012. US officials say met -- -- dollar was captured Sunday -- -- -- by American troops working with the FBI. I'm Michelle Franzen -- New York with this ABC news -- special report. It all happened back on September 11 2012. Terrorists stormed. US diplomatic compound in bin Ghazi killing US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stephens and a security official Sean Smith. A mortar attack on a nearby CIA -- killed two CIA contractors. Tyrone woods -- Doherty. Joining me now from Washington ABC's dean Hughes -- what do we know about the operation that wrapped up look at -- and about him. Well Michelle we know that it was a joint operation between the FBI and US special forces. The heat is considered the ringleader and one of the leaders of -- are -- react. It is a terror group it's been designated at terrorist group by the United States. -- has close ties to al-Qaeda but it is primarily known to be a extremist militia in Libya. And -- he's been charged in a federal complaint give us an idea what those charges are and about his alleged role that got the attacks. Well any time someone is responsible for killing. US citizen and particularly. A government officials such as ambassador Chris Stevens or the other three at diplomats that -- -- Ghazi. That's considered a capital -- so he is facing the death penalty. He it what's considered one of the ringleaders. Of the attack. Prior to. The attack on September 11 it was well known that he also orchestrated attacks against other western interest. And that's this is a really big -- for the United States and Dana of course hearing from US officials that he will face the school. Scope of the law what's next for -- could follow where is he now. Right now he's on a US naval ship in the Mediterranean on his way back to the United States and he's facing three counts. In Washington DC. And in a statement president Obama's at the -- -- demonstrates the commitment by the US to track down anyone who harms American interest. And the hunt continues for all that they got the attackers. What does this -- due -- -- look at -- terror group. Well again he is considered one of the leaders of -- house -- -- so this is definitely a blow. But Michelle as we've seen with many other terror groups -- it's sort of like a monster when you cut off what had another one will grow so. Remains to be seen exactly. How much this fascinates the group that he's been leading ending of course this news breaking but the fallout from thing godsey has been. Long long discussed here how does the arrest here impact the probe into what happened in the guys that got -- Well politically secretary app former Secretary Clinton and President Obama. The administration has really faced quite a bit of criticism. On how -- -- has been captured or charged in the September 11 attack and as we know public -- -- You don't was giving -- media interviews following it saying here I am if you want me coming get me. So this is may be the first strike back in terms of answering critics that nothing is being done. And but I didn't you know and there were at least they say dozens of men. That overtook the compound -- been godsey and it's hard to see that they would ever be able to find. All of them but the United States the Obama administration has said. That it is committed. To bringing all of these terrorists to justice and make me an idea of course this news break in in the last few hours but as we understand it. This arrest took place on Sunday. That's right I think -- you know it it's breaking now but. Often it -- -- in these cases. The United States and law enforcement they like to make sure that they have. The suspect in hand and that. All of this you know -- comes out in in an orderly fashion. This was both a military and a law enforcement operation. Which also means interagency cooperation and an idea on Capitol Hill how this has been -- out as early as last week of course the FBI taking some heat. Well that's right I -- capital announcement particularly Republicans have been extremely critical of the Obama administration. And the Justice Department and of the State Department. -- not what they -- like taking action against. The gets -- -- others. That were believed to be responsible for the being -- attack. So you know this. This action I'm sure we'll be applauded by those on Capitol Hill but at the same time. -- continue to be criticism that it took two years and that there are still so many suspects still out there. -- he's thank you for joining us and give anything up -- on this breaking story. A reminder you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- -- star in this story for those exclusive updates on ago. For now -- Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":24176319,"title":"Terror Suspect Arrested for Involvement in Benghazi Attacks","duration":"5:36","description":"US officials say Ahmed Abu Khattala was captured Sunday by American troops working with the FBI.","url":"/US/video/benghazi-terror-suspect-arrested-libya-attacks-24176319","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}