Statute of Limitations Run Out on Bernie Fine Case

DA says accusers are credible, but charges can't be filed against the coach.
4:48 | 12/07/11

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Transcript for Statute of Limitations Run Out on Bernie Fine Case
-- November the seventeenth 2011. I was attending a national district attorneys association conference. In Nashville Tennessee. When my cell phone when nuclear and I received a number of phone calls from media. Asking to comment on an ESPN's story that Bernie fein had sexually abused two teenagers back in the 1980s. This was the very first time in my life that I had ever heard the term -- sexual abuse and -- fine in the same sentence. And I immediately made efforts to ascertain what if anything my office knew about us. And then became familiar with the ESPN report. Two men both now adults allegedly have been -- by -- five. One man Bobby Davis alleging the conduct happened hundreds of times and did not stop until he Bobby had turned 27. The other Michael -- stepbrother of Bobby Davis alleged that the conduct occurred numerous times and continued. Until such time as he. Michael turned nineteen years old. It is also clear that Mike Lange had been speaking out for the very first time. It was also clear that Bobby Davis had made several attempts to reveal those molestation. The bottom line being that an 02030405. And -- 2011. Bobby Davis and Mike -- would be judged to be credible. But for the obvious problem of the statue limitations. Their allegations would have resulted in the arrest of -- fine at least for the misdemeanor charge of sexual abuse in the third degree. -- next perceived to my question number two wars there are there other victims. -- these victims cases if they exist not subject to being barred by the statue limitations. -- their other children are there other children in jeopardy. This is of course a critical part of any child abuse investigation. My inquiry into this area was hampered by no shared information. From the Syracuse police department. Which brings us to two additional. Alleged victims of abuse by -- -- who reached out to -- -- accused police department. Victim. Number four. Who has been referred to when it published story in the New York Daily News has not been identified. -- will identify him today for obvious reasons. He is currently serving a life sentence as a persistent felony offender. When he reached out to authorities to -- police detectives were concerned. That he had allegations of special treatment at the hands of this district attorney's office and that may have been as a result. Of a friendship between the district attorney and -- -- Let me be clear. I know Bernie fine I'm sure most people mr. -- police department hierarchy no -- -- as well. I've had less than fifteen conversations with Bernie fine in my life probably less than ten. The last time I'm Adam was at the temple at a future and dinner where we spoke for about three minutes. Up until last week I didn't know we're very final it. Did not know we had another business I don't know much about his family in short there's not a reason in the world. Why this office should have been kept in the dark by mr. beach police department about this alleged victim number four. We all know from published media reports that there is an alleged victim number three Zach Thomas silly of me. Mr. Thomas -- has alleged no illegal conduct within the confines of Onondaga county by mr. -- My office confirmed that as recently as yesterday in a conversation with mr. Thomas Shelley. He does -- that he was abused by mr. fein in Pittsburgh where he traveled on Monday. January 21 2002. To attend -- Tuesday. January 22. -- -- vs Pitt basketball game. -- cases in the control of federal authorities or state authorities in Pittsburgh. Simply put this investigation was -- there was little if any intellectual curiosity exhibited in the report in terms of follow what. Developing corroborating evidence developing new leads or new witnesses. Exploring a number of red flags that were raised and -- -- statement. Not personally interviewing perhaps a very important corroboration of witness of Bobby davis' story among other things. It is my understanding -- this report is currently under review by a separate -- from. I suspect that after several months. To conclusion of that report -- read. Child abuse investigations. Should be conducted by professional child abuse prosecutors. And -- should be mandatory reporting. Of child abuse by all adults no exceptions to law enforcement.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"DA says accusers are credible, but charges can't be filed against the coach.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15104650","title":"Statute of Limitations Run Out on Bernie Fine Case","url":"/US/video/bernie-fine-syracuse-sex-abuse-scandal-statute-limitations-15104650"}