Bernie Sanders hospitalized, cancels upcoming events

"Sen. Sanders is conversing and in good spirits" according to his senior advisor.
13:36 | 10/02/19

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders hospitalized, cancels upcoming events
Campaign of Bernie Sanders the senator from Vermont just put out a statement. A regarding a medical condition that Sanders has has it been treated for now in Las Vegas, Nevada where he's been campaigning. Let's show that statements here right now the campaign says during a campaign event yesterday evening senator Sanders experiencing chest discomfort. Following in medical valuation in testing he was found to have a blockage in one artery in two stents. Were successfully. Inserted the campaign goes on to say that Bernie Sanders. Is conversing and in good spirits he's resting up over the next few days. We are canceling his events and appearances until further notice. And will continue to provide appropriate updates Bernie Sanders it would be the oldest president ever elected he's the oldest candidate in the democratic field right now. Bob it has been very active on the campaign trail no known medical conditions in 2016 is doctor. Are released a letter his congressional position that he was in a very good bill of health. But Adam Kelsey. They certainly that the fact that you know he's going to be taking time off of the trail for now Sanders is somebody who displayed. I his age as you mentioned has actually kept up a very busy schedule yet about twelve events over the course of forties when I was with him in Iowa early last week continued his campaigning into New Hampshire over the weekend. Las Vegas as you mentioned he's got scheduled stops in California and Iowa the rest of this week's DeVon to see him come off it the trail the you know you. We read the statement but certainly this is something that's obviously a little bits here. Here's we understood who we understand Johnny of that his team is as frustrated by this development understandably so he's. It's sort of locked in the second and third place spot in this primary he is really struggled to break out in the numbers of heat this doesn't come at a very good to know this is. Crucial time for the campaign we're just getting to the fall or work getting closer the Iowa Caucuses and senator just crucial Bernie Sanders almost won the Iowa Caucuses in 2016. And producers that this is a day after his campaign just for his 25. Million dollars I was his health as the top concern right now. When he talked about the campaign this is a key time for him and I said if he he he is second in a lot of ways but he still has had that grassroots support that he hadn't when he sixteen. He's gonna have a lot of staying power in this race. Now suffering from some sort of a heart treatment in about it you're just joining us some breaking news regarding the campaign of Vermont senator. Bernie Sanders a campaign saying that he's now been treated for some sort of chest pains heart condition it's hard to know how serious. This is but he is hospitalized to schedule has been cleared to stance. Have been put in and enjoyed on the phone now by doctor Jan ash in the ABC news medical correspondent doctor rationed thanks rap for joining us. Give us a sense of your read of this statement from the campaign does this mean a Bernie Sanders is had a heart attack. Well I mean first of all that would be speculation right now for any physician to comment on that here's what we can tell you about. Emergency stent placement. Birthdays to understand and remember what kind of numbers were talking about heart disease the number one killer of men and women in this country. When someone has chest pain or any number of symptoms that could be associated. With a heart attack. Absolutely did standard of care everyone needs noted is to seek emergency medical attention call 911 are presented to an emergency room. At that point and he KG up the heart will be done. And get beat Scott knows he KG finding that it is not uncommon for a patient to be brought to the task flat. Where that those car Gary arteries are that explored if a blockage is found. Is absolutely an indication for stent placement at a stand is basically just. Kind of an opening up that artery. That this setting up an acute heart attack is one. Several indications force stent placement there are others. Such as unstable and should or even stable and should body in it in an abrupt kind of circumstance like this. Obviously. An acute heart attack is one item on that what we call the differential. But as he said at the top seven we don't know enough information yet whether that was the case here which is a good reminder. But how well how do you gauge how serious this is we do hear a lot about stents being put in patients. As you said way to win mirror are found to have some of these symptoms Bernie Sanders we know is physician. Just a few years ago put out a statement that he had no history of heart disease no hair high blood pressure. Only was treated for some mild high cholesterol. But this will take him off the trail right for some time you can't be very active after you've had this secret procedure. Oh well attention from a medical standpoint I think it's important to remember that. You know ten statistics again every forty seconds in the United States someone has a heart attack. And the average age at the heart attacks for men is 65. It had net and does occur in the setting of someone who has. Quote and quote a clean bill of health of court. That's less likely than someone who has high cholesterol or high blood pressure or diabetes. But each is a major risk factor. And he you know the appropriate medical action needs to be taken in terms of whether it's stand. Or bypass surgery or medical management that is a very complex individual case by case decision. But at setting to places that is usually made with cardiologists and cardiac surgeons together. Along along with the patient and to decide what is appropriate for that patient at that time. Doctor Jeff Nash and on the phone with us she ABC news chief medical correspondent thank you Jan want to go now two ABC news. Correspondent Avery harper she's out in Nevada she's been traveling with the sanders' campaign. When the solid down Avery at give us a sense of what the senator had been doing the past 24 hours when these symptoms first emerged. Well I was with characters are theater in New Hampshire over the picture clears crisscrossed this state he could count halt peace back. At colleges to do rallies. It he EC jovial and put it directly with voters he would take healthy he was doing it all. Saint so it was shocking to hear that that he was hostile act I he had eight public appearance where he went to allow pleaded. Shooting Oreo and today he was scheduled you the Reid campaign stops including a forum on gun violence she was Gavin just Urquhart broke. Definitely. Very shocked to hear that he has been hot thought all of those. Shops and he had fourteen day happy cheerful he was scheduled to go to California where it would travel at legal ought its weakest so all of that has cookbook with. Bernie Sanders is actually leading. In Nevada in this primary race it's one of the few states that he's on top yet making inroads in Nevada where union voters make up the big. I percentage of the democratic a registered Democrats think of all the folks who work in the hotels. I'm in Las Vegas though a number of these events that Sanders was holding in that area not just. This week but in past months have been. Focused on labor issues we've members. Of the hospitality unions and end as he's continued to roll out plans to protect those unions to extend Medicare for all make sure that everybody knows unions is covered. Obviously that passed something to do with his progress I'd making emirates that at a. And if you're just joining us here on ABC news on some breaking news this morning regarding the campaign of Vermont senator Bernie Sanders now hospitalized on the campaign trail. In Nevada for heart condition is campaign releasing a statement a few minutes ago saying that the senator. Was diagnosed with one that clogged artery has had two stents put in in the surgical procedure. Overnight he's now resting comfortably is conscious in good spirits. But has canceled all campaign events for the foreseeable future as he continues to recover from the seminary or is getting some reporting. That his wife. Jane is headed that way perhaps a sign that this could better be relatively serious that she's gonna stop what she's doing. And fly cross country Cecilia Vega joins us now from the White House chief. Has been out there on the campaign trail with Bernie Sanders 4016 and has seen him up close and Cecilia. You know as well as anybody that this issue of Asian health. Is going to be front and center. Particularly with the man in the house behind you he has already attacked his rivals in this field. For their age. Yes exactly and and DeVon the irony I don't think is lost on anybody as we are talking about an election that is moving forward with. You know the most that number of diverse candidates in terms of ginger and and race and ethnicity that the top of the pack is is being led by potentially centenarians. At this point. Hanging veto that 20/20 filled Sanders is the oldest is seventy years old. A heat he has he has talked about his health and the passing think you guys have mentioned this he said that. He's been very blast with his health. It sounds like he's doing well according to him his campaign right now but you know it is really does. Call into question what happens going Fuller the race between C Anderson Elizabeth Warren has been especially tight in the last few weeks us as of war and really coming up close and in inching up against in temporary standards fielding and you know as they are vying for that same path of a progressive voters you mention that I covered standard package when he sixteen we'll tell you DeVon had been sent. Many many rallies you could see that movement that grassroots support that Bernie Sanders enjoyed back then it is still trying to to drum up right now of progressive young. Particularly blue collar workers of work workers and and voters that he's not just trying to peel away from Elizabeth Warren he's trying to peel away from president trop as we head into 20/20 but Ed you said that campaign says that Sanders is is is conversing. And at least and it's. Or it's right now. Cecilia de force at the White House thanks so much to soon bring in Terry Moran her chief national correspondent. As well who spent some time on the trail also well has interviewed Bernie Sanders that up plus with Bernie Terry. This is this is a very significant development for any candidate you remember Hillary Clinton face questions she fainted at that nine elevenths ceremony. Late in the campaign and it really sort of created an impression among the public about her electability her house race a whole lot of questions. Well done a lot of questions because your opponent Donald Trump exploited them aggressively and there were people on conservative media who were spinning conspiracy theories about. That she was hiding some very serious. A problem health problem but there's no question. That Bernie Sanders will face questions about his health going forward he has in the past and he's. Bad habit ans and think about Bernie Sanders. You know he described. I as being conscious and pissed off which I think it can describe most of his adult life. James is a man of remarkable energy. And vitality. Out there on the campaign truck. The fact that as the oldest candidate look at that picture that he has the youngest the strongest support among young Democrats as it. Testament to his vitality he is lit. Millions of young people up. With his messages. Messenger very strong progressive policies and he takes it kill people is an old fashioned cat Tom. Tub thumper out there on the campaign trail. That the impression you get from Bernie Sanders is vitality. Now this is a pretty significant. Health issue for her and you and certainly for man. At his age and voters will take that into account but it is important to remember the passion. That he inspires especially among the young because of his ideas. And the vitality that he brings to that can he sustain those. Given this health setback. Yeah and into Terry's point DeVon something that I've heard from voters on the trail is that they don't mind his age and if anything. His consistency for 3040 years in the public eye going back to when he was mayor Burlington Vermont that he still talking about the same issues they appreciate that at his age he still has progressive. As they are and as. Did is they are there any cases really setting said in a pretty quick pace is Terry was talking about there. I'll let you release a reaction and right now to this news regarding how the Bernie Sanders from sound his arrivals in the democratic primary here's who Leon Castro singing his best wishes. To Bernie Sanders is he recuperates in that Nevada hospital our whole team has you in their thoughts were also hearing. From not the president there but we're hearing from Connell Harris battle work as well some of the other candidates weighing in on this. If you're just joining us here there's better or work some breaking news here's we had approached the top of the hour Bernie Sanders. Campaign announcing that he is going to be off the trail for the foreseeable future as he was treated overnight in Nevada for some chest pains including a clogged artery to stance. Put in his wife on her way out to join Bernie Sanders. This after a really remarkable third quarter top fund raising numbers. Surging down in the polls starting to play in Iowa journey remote Ric yeah you would would you expect them to be considering whether he would get out. And incidents into the possibility of increased that we deceased or house exactly how serious this issue is but I just wanted to go back to those. To those tweets that we had and just to see that this field read as a reference for Bernie Sanders he has been a staple in democratic politics. For a long time been very consistent especially in the last couple years after 2016 I think to continue to sit outside our guys thanks so much will be back with you later today as well on this breaking news out of Kelsey Johnny republic here on Devin Dwyer. I Washington thanks for joining us this morning here on ABC news like.

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