Biden adds science adviser to Cabinet

Eric Lander, President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee, may become the first presidential science adviser elevated to a Cabinet-level position in U.S. history.
4:17 | 01/16/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biden adds science adviser to Cabinet
While wanna started buying thanking you president elect Biden and vice president elect Harris. For your trust. And the opportunity to help elevate science in the White House as we Ole build back better. I'm also excited to think this amazing team that were announcing today. They are mixed were gardeners group of scientific leaders and I'm looking forward to working alongside each of use and learning from. It's over the course of my life. I have seen America take on amazing. Challenge us to try to make the world better. I came to believe that America. And Americans. Could rise to meet any challenge. I think that's a belief I share with prison what bite. There's a kid. Growing up in Brooklyn. I saw America go to the moon. And I mean every step of the way because my mother let me stay home from school to watch every single spaced. As a young scientists. I got to play a role in another remarkable French human genome which. When we set out the IDF mapping. The complete DNA code of the human being just seemed completely absurd. With the rate of progress at the time. Taken about 200. Years to map one person's genome. But as part of a generation of young scientists. Across America and around the world. Who believes in the ability. As the president wecht said in the possibility. To change what could be done. It didn't end up taking 200 years it took thirteen. And today. It takes just hours. And Human Genome Project is had a huge pack. It's made pop made it possible discover the biological basis of diseases from cancer to diabetes to alzheimer's. And use that knowledge to revolutionize diagnostics. And pioneer news fair it's. Well today. The opportunities we have. And those challenges we face are greater than ever before. The president elect knows that science and technology will be crucial. In meeting this moment and here is tasked us in this letter. I don't mean just his scientific advisors I mean the whole scientific. Community and the American public. With answering important questions at a science and technology. Can best be used to advance our health. Our economic welfare. And our national security. He's asked us to rise to this moment. To draw lessons from the pandemic. To see bold new climate solutions. To propel technologies that'll create new industries and jobs. To ensure that the benefits of progress or shared broadly. Among all Americans. It's in Berkshire replenished and strengthen the scientific community. No nation is better equipped than America. To lead the search for solutions to inspire. The next generation. To attract the best scientific talent from within harsh words. And from around the world. America's who read this asset I think is are on rival. Diversity. After all scientific progress. Is about someone seeing something. That no one's ever seen before. Because they bring a different blends. Different experience it's different questions to from passions. No one can top American in that were gored. But we have to ensure that everyone not only has a seat at the table but the plates that the lab bench. I am so grateful to this team. To the president elect the vice president elect. And I am so excited about working together to expand the endless frontiers of science. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"Eric Lander, President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee, may become the first presidential science adviser elevated to a Cabinet-level position in U.S. history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75298662","title":"Biden adds science adviser to Cabinet ","url":"/US/video/biden-adds-science-adviser-cabinet-75298662"}