Biden delivers remarks at Houston vaccine site

President Joe Biden delivered a message at a vaccine site in Houston, calling to drop partisanship and work toward a common cause: vaccines.
5:44 | 02/27/21

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Transcript for Biden delivers remarks at Houston vaccine site
Earlier today out we received an update on the storm relief efforts thrown from Harris County it Harris County emergency operations. Folks there are doing God's work moderates. It was an important update out how the federal government. And states are working together through the major disaster declaration Earth's declaration. That I made after the storm governor contact. The federal emergency management and Faber. It's Friday and millions of gallons of water. And bellies of males and direct assistance act uninsured homeowners to repair the damaged. Burst pipes caused. Two values of homes across the state. The public assistance that comes with disaster declaration insurers that. Bears in county officials can find shelter for folks. You needed keep them safe and war. This is an addition to the more than 125000. Blankets FEMA has also made available to storm victims are children travelers. Don't go to sleep coal. Fable. Working with the Defense Logistics Agency Army Corps of Engineers from the Defense Department is made generators and diesel fuel available hospitals. And nursing homes and other critical facilities to keep the lights on. In speed power restoration long way. A local military bases helping efforts to distribute water food fuel and blankets all across a state. And I especially. Want to thank the service members for helping your fellow Americans time and be. We have a problem always call on the military domestic or four no matter what. Best in the world. And Alberta to Texas have been impacted by the destruction of community water systems result. Environmental Protection Agency has deployed mobile drinking water laps in Houston San Antonio Fort Worth. To test water showing you get you get boil water advisory is lifted he gets safe drinking water flowing through those lawsuits again. There's war but let me say this. We're not here today as Democrats or Republicans. Repaired today as Americans. The American leaders of the responsibility all of this years parking. Responsibility to all the people we serve. Who'd a crisis it's our states like wanted taxes it's not a Republican or Democrat you certainly it's our fellow Americans heard. And it's our job to help everyone Monday. Look out for one and leave nobody behind. That's we've seen dad harvested. After our brief in August or relief we stopped by the Houston food bank. That's also doing God's work incredible operation. Just like everyone else years in the backs and nations. And they've done thousands of people thousands of people make is making. And fundamental differences in safety and security people. The more people get vaccinated the faster will be spent. That's why one of my first steps in my first goals. As president was thrown out it yet 100 million Covert vaccine shots administered. In my first 100 days. Because the people behind me and others America would be that was going to be the first in the country perhaps the first in the world to get that duck. I'm proud to say we're halfway there fifty million shots it's also true to walk over nineteen vaccinations are up. Covert nineteen cases in hospitals aces are down. But I need to be honest with you I said from the beginning. Like Roosevelt like he set out she just straight from the shoulder you can handle the as long told that your. Chases and hospice hospitalizations. Could go back up would do as new variants emerge. And it's not the time to relax. We have to keep washing our hands. State socially distance and for God's sake where your backs. Where your mask is not a political statement. It's a patriotic thing to do. There's nothing partisan about as buyers. It's too long we've allowed them ours to divide us. I met today with governor avid sooner cordon. Conservative Republicans but democratic president. We disagree don't plan if there's nothing wrong with that. But there are plenty of things we can work on together. And world of is represented right here today the effort to speed up vaccinations. Not given shots at Democrats or Republicans stated argument shot to Americans. All across the country. Got members of the armed forces human volunteers retirees. Fellow Americans working around the clock to give the shots. And there bill lane on the work of scientists researchers doctors and nurses. And my team at the White House which is coordinated all of this is first rate. Burn of this as a partisan changer partisan element. This can be a great American achievement. Being the only country the world reach a hundred billion shot 200 days this could you'd Bryant is country. Americans never give up. They'd never give in they'd never cry alcohol they suggest throw innovate and papers error and persevere. We're gonna get through all of this I probably should we're gonna do it together. Together. God bless you all make got protect our troops through the best we can do all this guys I promise you we can't do this. Nobody in the world can compete with its who together. Thank you all so very much.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"President Joe Biden delivered a message at a vaccine site in Houston, calling to drop partisanship and work toward a common cause: vaccines.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76146124","title":"Biden delivers remarks at Houston vaccine site","url":"/US/video/biden-delivers-remarks-houston-vaccine-site-76146124"}