Biden signs bill to give more money to victims of violent crimes

Biden signed the Crime Victims Fund Act, which takes money from criminal fines and uses it to increase funding for victims of violent crimes.
7:06 | 07/22/21

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Transcript for Biden signs bill to give more money to victims of violent crimes
All right we're gonna begin with that battle over the committee investigating the January 6 assault. On the capitol House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calling the house select committee. A sham after speaker Nancy Pelosi confirms she will not reconsider her rejection of two Republican appointees White House correspondent Mary Alice parks. Joining us live. From the capital where she is talking about that also what we monitor those live pictures at the White House waiting for the president to step into the room and sign that bill. Rick right regarding. Crime not fun being in fines that will go towards. Help the victims. A violent crimes. Let's talk about while you why you are on the hill right now Mary Alice and that is McCarthy has vowed to launch. A separate investigation they answer why the capital. Was ill prepared for that riot that we witnessed something that they blamed on Nancy Pelosi so are we going to see. Two investigations now. Yeah Karen nethercutt has a lot action on the hill all this debate about a select committee looking into January 6 and obviously the ongoing. Infrastructure negotiations. I it's hard to imagine that we will see two separate probes into what happened on January 6 fill your right leader McCarthy is threatening to do. Just that but remember if he was a set up his own working group on this it wouldn't have subpoena power it probably wouldn't be able to bring people. In front of the committee shall right now the big question. If who's gonna be on this select committee that speaker Pelosi is committed to forming a lot of questions today about whether she will ask. All the Republicans in addition to congresswoman Liz Cheney to join that committee she's eager to make sure it is. Bipartisan in some way it seems. And Liz Cheney today was telling us that she is really hoping the speaker will add more Republicans to the committee but that committee. Is not slowing down despite them back and forth about who exactly will sit on it it's plain to hold its first hearings next week. Right in a couple of the congressional investigators are are already talking about having the former president. In their sites what do you know about what exactly they want to. Hear about when it comes to trump and decisions that he did not make while the capital was under see each. I think exactly that I think you said it exactly right. They want to know what he was doing that day they want a deep tell tick tock of the conversations that he was happening cool he was talking to. I'll Cooley was not talking to who was reaching out to him who he was listening to. And of course. That means they're could be Republican members of congress better asked to testify and that's what we'll continue to track and it's one of the big questions. That never ones asking is that why Republicans. Back out of their support of the S. Are they fundamentally worried that they might be asked to testify we know that congressman Liz Cheney a Republican obviously. Has said they should very much and be prepared to take this stand to go under both an answer tough questions. About what they know that day and you knew it was happening that day about their conversations with a former president. That day. I think that that's the crux of that some republic cans. Are worried about having to answer questions under oath and are worried about which questions might get to the former president and his family. Well we will be there now be there is well up on the hill following that. Select committee hearing all day next Tuesday he'll be interesting to see how that goes and also to we hear from capitol police officers apparently. They may be the first two attempted to talk so we'll follow that meanwhile is take. IA you back to those live pictures Mary Alice thanks for staying with us here. We are waiting for the president. To step up and no live pictures at the moment but we will go to it when we haven't the president. There at the White House getting ready to step up to the Mike. A full crowd in the room there he is going to sign that bill into law that will open up more funds for victims. A violent crime let's talk more about what he's about to do and the reality of the impact that it could have. Said he wants to give states more flexibility to get. Dollars out the door he wants victims of violent crime to not have to worry about bureaucratic red tape before they. They see it. Fines and especially after this last year we've heard a lot about local and state governments that are worried about their budgets were at about their bottom lines and he sank. Let's make sure there's not issues with with states having to match federal funds let's make sure that. Like I said more dollars out the door to the two victims here you know this in this press conference in this bill signing is interesting it's tightening. Just yesterday the attorney general are all at making clear. That he's gonna launch of these strike force says. Around the country we've heard some talk about this but he listed at five cities around the country that he is going to be working. Closely wit. The idea that federal prosecutors. Federal law enforcement agents will now deploy to some of the biggest cut biggest cities. In a country to work on issues of violent crime to work on drug trafficking. And he specifically. Gun violence we've heard the attorney general today talk about this need to make sure. That federal agents are working along side. Local agents as they try to figure out how guns are crossing state lines and getting into criminals hands. While we talk about how the crime is on Iraq on the rise across the country and it's happening. Mary Alice right in the middle of the all these efforts to defund police and now as we wait for the president. Seeing to sign this bill into law that well. Create more funds for those that are are victims of a violent crime I mean all seems to mesh together in what the president. Is trying to do and that is to stand by his platform when he was running for office to get tough on crime. Yet he'd face tough questions just yesterday during that that town hall about. Whether Democrats are still arguing to defund the police you've you hear him get defensive when he gets questions like that said I've never said that I don't stand for that. The police and police unions know where I stand you know he heard him say that that police are having a tough time right now it's tough to recruit it's tough to retain officers. He said that they need more. More money more budgets the high bigger budgets to hire more staff to put more cops on the beat. But to make sure they're doing that smartly he talked about the need for community policing and four police departments to be able to hired different kinds. Expert so that not every call is met with the same. Force but this is really tricky issue for Democrats they're trying to navigate a conversation. About Smart policing different more modern policing more transparency. With police departments while also. This moment I used that were crying as surging and they know. People learned her mix of people want to make sure that there are that there community how and the police officers they needed if there's someone it's gonna shell laughing they call. Perry Ellis park's their from Capitol Hill thank you so much.

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{"duration":"7:06","description":"Biden signed the Crime Victims Fund Act, which takes money from criminal fines and uses it to increase funding for victims of violent crimes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"79000019","title":"Biden signs bill to give more money to victims of violent crimes","url":"/US/video/biden-signs-bill-give-money-victims-violent-crimes-79000019"}