Biden working phones ahead of key test for bipartisan infrastructure plan

Plus, five Republicans are named to the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol.
5:25 | 07/20/21

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Transcript for Biden working phones ahead of key test for bipartisan infrastructure plan
In just 44 hours a senate vote could make or break president Biden's push for a bipartisan infrastructure package. Karen Travers from the White House now with what is the president's doing in the final hours to seal the deal tell us Karen. Here the president is in touch with lawmakers at the Korean white house Press Secretary Jen Saki. This today that the White House supports senate majority leader Chuck Schumer of moving forward to try it. Put this bipartisan infrastructure framework up for a test vote tomorrow Wednesday. Even though the bill is not done a lot of and there are calls from many Republicans to slow this process down that this vote should not happen tomorrow give a couple more days for negotiators continue their work. The White House said today they appreciate that hard work they appreciate that members from both parties are working very late into the night last night. But they also seem to say that this is the you know bit of a kick. That these senators need to get moving and get this lock down. So the house select committee looking into the January 6 insurrection it's set to meet for the first time. Next week and Republican minority leader McCarthy just named five of his members. Representatives Jordan banks Armstrong Davis and now's what can you tell us about all of them. Here the Republicans named those five members and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will have to. Confirm them and make it official for them to be on this committee. It is very striking to see that these are members of a party that don't even want this commission in the first place in fact only two of those members voted to. Confirming election results back in January. Your and there are also differences on the scope of what the committee should be looking at weird from Steve Scully is the top Republican in the house is said that. This Kinney should be looking at all political violence it should also be looking at capitol security and what went wrong that day Democrats say sure that security issues part of it but he really want to zero in on what happened with that crowd that day and what role former president trump may have played. So Karen we learn. Today also of a vaccinated White House staffer who tested positive for Kobe and a vaccinated staffer on speaker Pelosi staff. Who tested positive we've been talking all week about the Texas State lawmakers. Who were also vaccinated and tested positive for covet so what is that White House saying. About these breakthrough infections and what kind of precautions. Are being taken. Here they're confirming that there was a breakthrough case of a White House staffer who had been vaccinated. Testing positive for coded nineteen but other than that Jen Saki was not giving a lot of details not saying who this person was. Any of the contact tracing that was going on but did say they were not close contact with the president's. In there are questions about this at today's briefing and his son he did say that there are other breakthrough cases that they have not yet. Talked about that when asked about this specific number of cases. She wouldn't say or couldn't say that said she we get back to us now in terms of what actually changing here at the White House nothing so far. There are no mass required if you are vaccinated White House reporters that are close to the president's on a daily basis they are still tested for coated nineteen. Jen Saki said she's tested twice a week. But it is interesting here that the president's only tested once every two weeks but every around him many more frequent testing. OK so while all this is happening in that we got these breakthrough infections there's the big Kobe hearing that's taking place on the hill and the CDC director. Plus doctor about see in others they feel that a lot of questions from lawmakers. About these breakthrough infections and whether people might need a booster soon let's take a listen first. Two we have people who want to get that booster and I'm hearing that from people who were at risk and concerned they want to take that booster they're willing to take the additional risk of something that's not been. They valley RD had two shots of it they're saying give me the third. Because if I got this over a year ago I got there taxation over a year ago I wanna get their protection why can't they and if they. Understand that you won't let them yet but. When will you let them. Well let's and that fines or at least has announced it's going to submit to their EU mayor wreak asked the Dade both sides are data and to send her purse early pulling either India's strict. This is really at other data that they have available. Tubes to pretension make case for booster said the FD will be looking back. I'm sure you will I'd don't like the timeframe frankly given the fact that this is being done elsewhere. Yankee key word time frame right so what more do we know about that if anything and also what were some of the other takeaways Karen. Yet that review of the booster shots and whether it's necessary is ongoing I was senior officials from the inviting administration met recently with officials from Pfizer to talk about the data from their study saying that a third shot is very effective and might be needed. This came up last week and I asked the White House whether or not the government was gonna still for that potential third shot is their money for that. And Jen Saki said the administration is well prepared that a booster shot was always in their contingency plans. Terms of that hearing today the big message from the CDC director doctor Rochelle we'll Lansky and doctor Anthony found she is that the vaccines are working. Yes we're going to hear a breakthrough cases and we might hear many breakthrough cases. But they both said that the vaccines are keeping those people out of the hospital and are preventing deaths. All right Karen Travers at the White House florist Karen thanks.

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"Plus, five Republicans are named to the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78954185","title":"Biden working phones ahead of key test for bipartisan infrastructure plan","url":"/US/video/biden-working-phones-ahead-key-test-bipartisan-infrastructure-78954185"}