Big Bird on Campus: Hawks Attack

Two Red Shoulder Hawks protect their nests atop a palm tree at Florida Tech.
1:14 | 03/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Big Bird on Campus: Hawks Attack
Fittingly perched on top of Florida -- life science building one at two red shoulder fox watched over its territory. The protected birds -- started nesting near the building last month. That's what students and faculty started having to duck for cover we have nine people who were actually -- Don't. Know where the verbal commitment from behind in. Hit them with their towns even more people -- didn't start -- with close calls so far no one has been hurt. University put a temporary fencing and warning signs to give the -- some states. Now they're becoming the big bird on campus and this sort of odd attraction. Keepers. After consulting with biologists university has opted to let the birds stayed for the time being -- believe they have at least one -- -- -- -- this palm tree. Universities safety officer this in the US is not -- day. But this is a lot more fun in dealing with -- -- university staff -- -- hoping nature will just take its course and once -- actually is old enough. The -- will move on. That means -- -- could become a case study biology students everyone else has been warned to walk in pairs and be on the lookout.

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{"id":15861572,"title":"Big Bird on Campus: Hawks Attack","duration":"1:14","description":"Two Red Shoulder Hawks protect their nests atop a palm tree at Florida Tech.","url":"/US/video/big-bird-campus-hawks-attack-students-15861572","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}