Bill Clinton Defends Hillary on Karl Rove's Health Comments

The former president says his wife "certainly seems to have more stamina."
10:10 | 05/14/14

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Transcript for Bill Clinton Defends Hillary on Karl Rove's Health Comments
This is a special room. First they said she faked her confession. And now they -- she's auditioning for a part on the Walking Dead. Well you know whatever makes -- that. Look. She works out every week. She is strong she's doing great. As far as I can tell she's better -- than I -- she certainly seems to have more stamina now. And there's nothing to it. Former President Bill Clinton speaking today not impressed by the suggestion by Republican operative. Karl Rove that his wife is suffering from a traumatic brain injury. Hello I'm Michelle Franzen in New York the dispute started when wrote suggested Hillary Clinton had something to hide after suffering a concussion. After a fall in December 2 point twelve. Here's what he said. As first reported by the New York Post. Thirty days in the hospital and when she -- she's wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury we need to know what's up with that he said. Clinton of course spent only three days in the hospital not thirty her spokesperson shot back saying rove and his allies are flat out lying they -- scared of what she is achieved -- what she has to offer. A day later wrote sought to clarify his comments on Fox News. I didn't say she had brain damage she had a serious health episode this will be an issue in the 20s16 race and whether she likes it or not. And a few hours later white house Press Secretary Jay Carney was not impressed they had committed cognitive capacity. Which is it does doctor Grossman might have been the last person America on election night to recognize and acknowledge that the president of them won reelection including the state -- -- Absolutely it that. And with more on the clintons and Carl rose -- return to the headlines we're joined now by ABC news senior Washington correspondent -- felony. Jeff the clintons are firing back the White House to. But what every says now has Karl Rove won this round. Michelle I think it's too early to tell if he's so won this round not be certainly has been successful at doing this he's injecting it into the conversation now we're all talking about it. And we're hearing more specific details about actually what happened to Secretary Clinton. And one thing interest staying up from up president Clinton's speech this morning here in Washington was that he said for the first time that it took Secretary Clinton. Six months to fully recover. From this. Injury that -- yes. Suffered we have never heard that before so look the bottom line is. Probably a little bit of mischief making heroes on the mind of Karl Rove but the end of the day presidential candidates if she becomes one. Always have to submit there -- medical histories and things so this was inevitable at some point but interestingly. I think is the reaction by the clintons to this. And Jeff you mentioned some of the have an address the issue of Hillary Clinton's health going forward here's former President Clinton again on the timeline and severity of that December 2012 concussion. They went to all this trouble to say that he would states what was a terrible protested that required six months of very serious. Work to get over. Something she never to low -- with the American people never try to pretend didn't happen. Jeff take us back to that time again give us the timeline is that accurate were the clintons. Totally forthcoming about the extent. Of her injuries. I mean this simple answer to that is no they were not mean President Clinton there is saying if they never a low ball they never. Misled that is and not quite. True we're hearing today for the first time there's six months' time frame but there was this. And code of secrecy. Surrounding. Her health condition throughout all of this -- so now we're only learning this -- -- after the fact so. By simply saying six months we are now going to open up a whole. Minded inquiry at some point. About exactly what happened during those -- six months. Now again she seems to be healthy she's -- she you know she certainly traveling -- a lot now she's writing a book it's coming out. The next month so she seems to have a lot of stamina. Known as question necessarily her help at this point but it does raise the question. -- they. Upfront and honest about this and I think that the former president miss. States the facts little bit by saying they never low -- this worldly learning now the six months a number of it. More interest in acting has the reaction this initially they decided to sort of laugh it off. And the first comments from the Clinton camp for boat doctor -- -- kind of making fun of that I thought they were going to leave it at that that they have decided to double down. And fire back and sort of aggressively in this but it does frankly just open up a new line of questioning. So let me ask you this real quickly why do you think that they are rolling that out at this time because they're very savvy politically. Well I think I'm not sure if president Clint. In intended to say six months that is a very specific new piece of information any game today. Here's I don't think we've over the Internet in the next time the someone asked Secretary Clinton in what exactly happened during that. That's six months but President Clinton said that you have to answer. Every charge every allegation. And pushed back aggressively on that so I think what we're seeing are the first divisions here between how the clintons or when to respond to a whole host of things. They started out by doing it in a joking manner you know doctor Rhodes. You know and then the next day it was very aggressive so I would not be at all surprised that there's a split either between the clintons or in there for circle of advisors and how to handle these things but one thing is clear. That it. She can put -- as long as she wants you know for several more months if he's going to run for president what they can't put off -- is how they will respond to. Things like this and they're not probably equipped at this point at least in you know in their own organization how to respond of these things sort them. I think that's why we're seeing. Slightly more of a piecemeal response for both of them. We'll just we actually did hear from her Hillary Clinton herself today who did not mention the -- comments she was at the American Jewish committee's global forum talking Iran. And the nuclear negotiation she began. And handed over to her successor -- at -- John Kerry. I personally am skeptical that the Ronnie and will follow through and deliver. I've seen many false hopes dashed over the years. But nonetheless this is a promising development in. We need to test to see what can be -- -- Clinton saying she's skeptical but hopeful -- it -- that Clinton is walking the tight -- on this issue. I think walking a bit evaded tight -- is as one always does with Iran and look we did not expect her to. Address Karr wrote I mean that's one of the things that she has the former president -- he will be doing the blocking and tackling for her. On these types of issues she wants to stick to the issues remain sort of above the fray in that respect. If it as a substance of this. Of course is walking a tight -- in her time as secretary of state. We'll be examined from start to finish. And her a book will. Sort of a laid down the -- first narrative of that that's coming out next month the middle of next month but that is still going to be. I'm reviewed in many respects what kind of diplomats who was what successes or failures. Where. Had under her watch it states. And Bill Clinton also spoke about his -- handling of the attack. On that American diplomatic outpost -- been Ghazi here's the former president again. In my opinion. Hillary did what she should have been -- Empaneled a very high level review committee. It with the immediate past chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff admiral Mullen -- backstage. And Tom Pickering our -- smoke -- -- our country's most distinguished senior diplomat whose work for more Republicans and Democrats. Now the fact that the clintons are still talking about it how much is that the Specter of this congressional panel probing how much about other political concerns. Bullock of course politics is hanging over this Democrats would it would like to -- -- and they have said that this is so political which time. And it's all politics but the fact remains is the house has voted because house Republicans. And have voted to convene this a special panel so. Secretary Clinton is going to be talking about have been Gaza anymore she's going to be asking -- responding to questions more about the about have been Ghazi so I'm not at all surprised that she is not out there responding but what we saw the former president doing today he's pushing back. Against you know the suggestion that she has not already looked -- -- she's not done everything she can in this regard to look a lot more questions about in -- you're going to be asked. By this this committee the one question we don't know yet is will there be Democrats joining. These are Republicans on the committee Nancy Pelosi -- The democratic leader in the house has not yet decided if she will appoint Democrats exodus of panel which some -- it would -- -- legitimacy that. Other Democrats tell me that they hope there are Democrats in this panel because that's the only way. That -- Secretary Clinton we'll get a fair hearing and will be a bit of a rebuttal questions if she ever goes to this. -- type of a televised hearings on this and we are not anywhere near close from hearing the end about having Ghazi. Secretary Clinton will be answering questions. On that for months to come. On that in many other questions that we can -- from today ABC news senior Washington correspondent Jeff Celanese thank you Michelle. This is -- an ABC news digital special report keep up with the Clinton's latest comings and goings in real time by downloading the ABC news that the star in this story for exclusive updates on ago. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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