Bill Cosby's sexual assault case ends in a mistrial

Jurors deliberated for six days, but were unable to reach a consensus.
4:31 | 06/17/17

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Transcript for Bill Cosby's sexual assault case ends in a mistrial
Good morning and we're coming on air with breaking news from the Bill Cosby trial and just moments ago the judge declaring a news trial after six days of deliberations the jury coming back telling the judge that they are hopelessly deadlocked Cosby on trial for three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault. For allegedly drugging and then sexually assaulting Andrea cons that back in 2004 ABC news correspondent Linda Davis. Is at the courthouse in Norris town Pennsylvania. Lindsay what have you learned about the decision and I guess the big question at this point is. It's as we know it's in this trial will the prosecution retry this case. They yet you know it's still too early to know at this point. Prior to getting to this place. The prosecution's office and said that they were not going to make that decision immediately. So I think that because we've been at in these deliberations now. For more than fifty hours slowly that the prosecutor's office was able to see that this. Deadlock situation was the likely outcome and they did decide days ago that they were not gonna make it a media call about it. Lindsay why do you think the jury wasn't able to come to a conclusion one way or the other. Well you know I think Mitt you have to hearken back to 2005. When Bruce castor that then district attorney. Decided that he wasn't gonna press charges that he wasn't gonna prosecute Bill Cosby because he said at the time that. He felt that Andrea constant have ruined her own credibility that she would not be believed. By a jury and I think this is a bit of an I told you so day for him. In part at least because in the end it seems that the jury wasn't 100%. Able to to trust her account. Thank you thank you let's bring in head ABC news legal analyst Dan Abrams Dan joins us on the phone now Dan. What do you make of this outcome her. Apple did this was a tough case from the beginning and I think a lot of people Beers that there could be a hung jury here because a river. Even if these jurors believed it might have happened or probably happened just a D'Andrea can't stand waited out. That's not enough for proof beyond a reasonable doubt. And it wouldn't he just talked about this has always been viewed as they as a tricky case but look you gotta give these jurors credit. The fact that they tried would this law to reach a verdict. It's unusual meaning very often it Friday morning jurors don't have a sense of that they're gonna have a verdict. By Friday afternoon you'd usually let them go these jurors kept going and going and going and trying to reach a verdict simply unable to do so. We know the jury consisted of seven men and five women. Dan Abrams we. Really appreciate your analysis on this breaking news as we look at Bill Cosby. At the courthouse there in Norris town Pennsylvania before we finish up on this special or pros go back to it. ABC's Lindsey Davis on the scene there Lindsay tell us it. Tells what you're seeing merit in what what was your last view glimpse of cutting himself. So mr. Conte did not have of physical responses expression remained unchanged. As the of the jurors were polled Andrea can't stand her mother her sister also in the courthouse of the time. Had six. Conned the accusers have been coming here they've been here many of them for the duration of the trial all two weeks. Coming for what they said they were coming to see. A justice and a few days ago in the very first hit back saying that they were deadlocked that would talk to some of those. Alleged victims and they said that they just felt deflated they felt defeated if they did not get. Guilty outcome and and you have to imagine that that will weigh on the prosecutor's office. If they decide to retry the case because. Andrea constant is their only chance at getting a criminal prosecution even though you have all this more than fifty women who come forward in every case except for hers. The statute of limitations has expired. Tough day for the accusers have favored the prosecution. A bit of a victory for for Cosby himself but of course did it clouds have not fully part of for him because the prosecution. May again tried to bring this case. Network and see what happens next who want to thank you see as well as Dan Abrams for joining us and our full coverage continues all day out mine were gonna have a full wrap up on world news tonight for. All the reaction to because we trial and breaking news alerts machine down Monday ABC news at. And.

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{"id":48102972,"title":"Bill Cosby's sexual assault case ends in a mistrial","duration":"4:31","description":"Jurors deliberated for six days, but were unable to reach a consensus.","url":"/US/video/bill-cosbys-sexual-assault-case-ends-mistrial-48102972","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}