Black activist says Trump is pushing the country into further violence

"Movement for Black Lives" organizer Thenjiwe McHarris asserted that people like Trump and other elected officials who put people's lives in danger should not be in positions of power.
3:00 | 06/21/20

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Transcript for Black activist says Trump is pushing the country into further violence
Like to go to attend U in the carrots. Who is. One of the founders of movement for black lives and one of the organizers of that organization. About this historical background to the president's rally and to his campaign. I guess my question is. Do you think this moment that we are saying in cities and towns Ross across the country as uprising. Changes the political dynamic that he is addressing right now that he's trying to address for the November elections. What allfirst thanks very thanks for having me I think it guys. You know we are in a particular moment in history where we marked she nineteen yesterday. Moment that in history where. Black people in this country we're not alerted are three. Out based on emancipation proclamation where then alerted to years later. And now we have the president United States in Tulsa Oklahoma. Little violent racial attacks are black people in our country. And we're living in a moment where black people are dying at an alarming numbers as a result of police violence and we having president. A president who's calling protesters. Who are fighting for justice who are fighting for freedom work I'd eat to protect the lock eyes. Of their lot of plans of their Stanley. Now we have the president United States and his son. And other and other officials like you elected officials like him. Calling protesters not calling protesters animals when we are. Across the country fighting for justice. I need for an end to the cleats of violence when he entered and let's attack on black life. What we see happening across the country. It is people across the country rising up what we see more height racial uprising what we see is people. All walks of I think every corner of the country also around the world stay stop spewing black people. Stop police but I. Stock tacked on black and new looking at Donald Trump and keep themselves are what keep the response of the corona virus. They see a man who is responsible for the more than a 100000. Deaths across the country because you're in action. Because he did not took responsibility. It. Is at God's country and wipe out when our Srebrenica. Thousands of deaths and you people across the country or any presents two Y me. He is responsible for the so many gaps where it's cold or police aren't. And so many lessons saying no more U correlate what every brought who what we want is we will no longer. Are people. And we want and took leads violent. Oh we also want to protect our our communities. That is something. That is being heard loud and clear across the country did you read his want to ask you. Yeah that the president has come down strong both in terms of encouraging. Very strong law and order response to the protests and it is rhetoric and as well as his son Eric trump tonight called protesters animals protestors for racial justice animals. Tonight and I just want to ask you about what has struck me the polls. Show. Overwhelming. Majorities of Americans. Have chosen to support the protesters then that would include people probably disagree with many of their games. Seven B 75%. Polls show support. These protests and what do not come as a surprise to you. What does it mean for our country. It does it come out as a surprise. When it what it what it sense to me and so many abouts. That people are understanding. And it waking up too just the amount. Suffering or black people have had to under go in this country. They are breaking out in their opening their eyes to what we've been saying when it comes at least it's. Now what we see happening across the country is beaten to pass in the streets. And sold for everyone to cheat his speech right now. He's calling children he's calling feel remembered he's calling your neighbors. You know it's. Guns he is and old in ink are police force across the country to shoot to attack. Harm. People that you know people you meet in care about. He is pushing this country burger in earned them into sex. Islands. And we have seen now stand together across this country. And say not to enter pleas violence. Justin and systemic racism but it into all the trunk across the country. A call for resignation of the truck but also call that people why chop them hold elected office is across the country. Who cook crop rides at risk should not. Be in positions of power they are threats are lies they are threats are only and are different every single person living in this country. To injury Mick Harris that is that. Political goal can be achieved certainly at the ballot box. But is beginning on the streets of our country. Thank you very much for your perspective and and your insight there appreciate that.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"Movement for Black Lives\" organizer Thenjiwe McHarris asserted that people like Trump and other elected officials who put people's lives in danger should not be in positions of power.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71369241","title":"Black activist says Trump is pushing the country into further violence","url":"/US/video/black-activist-trump-pushing-country-violence-71369241"}