Black Cats Up For Adoption on Friday the 13th

ABC News' Charli James visits the Bidawee Animal Shelter to learn how superstition can prevent kittens from finding homes.
11:13 | 01/13/17

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Transcript for Black Cats Up For Adoption on Friday the 13th
Everybody charity games ABC news digital thanks for watching and it is Friday the thirteenth today as he might hurt. This is a day that a lot of people superstition around and one of superstitions that. Keep coming up is around black cats but we're here. At lightly it's one of the EU meeting rescue organizations or school in New York City and I'm here with president and CEO Dolores sport and now. And we're going to hot we're out also joined by four black cats we have three kittens here and one. Adult cat named buddy who is. See him right there eaten. Guy NC. Rested. Today. And who these kids that we have here we have. Can. They're running around like crazy like it did possible if we get them. On camera for it again. Until frothy. Jingle frosty and hallmark some holiday themed names does that mean that they work born around the holiday. We're making tonight okay. Three months. It's either an Internet microchips examines. And vaccinated anything different problems so for people who maybe aren't familiar with vitally can you just tell us a little bit about what you guys. Do should we hear a 114. Year old animal rescue organization. We are located in Manhattan wind offices civilian lives. Asked him to the real sentiment options. We. Conduct and a thousand animals a year cats and dogs. What and the things that special about quietly that we have wonderful. Naturally there's certainly this people volunteers who work with our animals. And get to know and the kids here they're eighteen years. And make the best possible such people come in looking forward. That race Patrick yeah. And so getting back to the black cats here like body and mind these guys keep that he grabbed. Him. This is home mark she is. One these three kittens we think that apparently it. They're part of this letter they came brown municipal shelter. Work with many local shelters. To make sure. The girls. Are. And you might see her belies his shape it does because she's been stayed here you guys stay and microchip the animals as well. And so black cats half. Predator each patient Barbie harder to adopt. Something to get it opted out something that you found here. Actually it and I completely happened. What we found is that people sometimes come in looking forward to steam timber unusual markings. Tax with those markings may get adopted faster but if you look at those beautiful faces. He's Cassel get adopted right away. We do you we are we hear that there are superstitions around black cats and although we always advise people to keep cats indoors as much longer and healthier life that way. We especially it's nice peaceful war. Halloween. Brewer. Friday the thirteenth to make sure you're keeping your black cat inside the house and safe. I don't we did sadly happen cruelty on the news. Incident last year on Halloween. Where he injured. Because of black hat superstition news. Generally are black cats don't buying homes. Especially adorable kittens. When you have an older cat like buddy was ten years all. Any media agree it for a family and it's looking. Gentle sweet older cat and we have actually 21 of her very generous donors. Seven years old and Alter. Our time being. It'll be adopted for free now so anyone coming in and ready for to offer up buddy who's been here for two years later. A home. Well we need look buddy and he's well here we're gonna shelters have been placed in the creek animal deserves to be different crew. Usually the animals they're running around like where the animals night. It's vitally it. Are they all over the country art yeah art. Feeling good municipal shelters for the most part. We have this space and unfortunately they would. Packages that they were. There soon. Yeah we'll all. Delivering on come from sound area. Sneezes staying. Great news. And it's. Cats continues here. It's not yet there's AG. Me oh yeah. Here care social. See it. As. Well. I miss it. And so if anyone watching this fall in love with buddy it and these kittens. What's the process for how they can can adopt them that. Or. Did take a look at the list which is. Where. More call us at 84. Us or coming out today. From. Ten to six. I. I. Yeah and end. Application we really try him as. This patient is. Making sure that he has. The right. And so we are active in New York City location today a couple of other occasionally. Similar powers yeah. There are ten to six cent gain. Yeah. Wonderful cast. Eating you all ages shapes and sizes. Is that you're ready for a happy and find IB GCE. Books and you keep peace. I. Can't eat me. Puppies for a buyer. Are looking for homes. And hard place. But they make wonderful. Until you mentioned that I don't we match and yes and other things than me he added special. What can you explain that more profits and let them come here bluntly coming in the eleven a little questionnaire. And the most important and it is is conversation so our matchmaker listen to him in person disinterested. Let them look good to see the pets that are here. About their lifestyle so if any to lifestyle and looking for a dog needs who have thanks. Well you know I'm dog whose artwork has an. Didn't mean it could contribute to let younger. Conversely if someone who loves Johnston who is at this stage of life giving it's much exercise. And I. And the dog bit is going to be order more complex area. We'll be gray and my first dog I ever into it was fourteen Euro rescue or not it was a wonderful pets. All ages are wonderful cats. Com and for people who are home or cast. Their pants on May arena in the right. But there's no one comes into action scenes come home. And tell how many cats you have here currently. That are waiting to get adopted and we actually. Two period. Anytime between urged them. Is well. In Westhampton ills of when you receive animals and tree healthy and get this injured we have the cost you on top. And I. Great so you can check out the website. It or come on and it you have fun and love it any of these cats look at it wasn't. Last look at them here's completely his we have at least one person whose interest in. CD. ET. Getting it excellent for no. No adoption fever body and then we have three kittens. Higher. Alternately Ed. Three on all spayed neutered. Micro chipped and there running around like crazy you can actually watch them are gonna have a lie cam. A live stream the kittens. Also but he will be in here. There's another cap could be. Guest starring as well. Tuesday. You can. Watch them all day long on And be up. Momentarily. I think you are asked and they still call marks little. Here. And eat lightly and rescues here in here cities where. It's more. Cats and black hat on his thirteenth and keep an eye on your pets of course every day but black had actually. Following. Those states you more live stream coming up here from nightly round. The black cats played here yeah I'm attorney James thanks so much. Thank you so much for us.

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{"duration":"11:13","description":"ABC News' Charli James visits the Bidawee Animal Shelter to learn how superstition can prevent kittens from finding homes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44758370","title":"Black Cats Up For Adoption on Friday the 13th","url":"/US/video/black-cats-adoption-friday-13th-44758370"}