Black Lives Matter activist mourned at vigil

Muhiyidin Moye, 32, died on Tuesday in New Orleans.
0:45 | 02/08/18

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Transcript for Black Lives Matter activist mourned at vigil
This was his passion he did it from the hard. He was loving he was funny he was. Smart. Didn't bother him in just this just bothered him. As one of the most. Charismatic people of over met in my life there was something about that that that there was some quality that he possessed the discs through people to a. From late. It's kind of priest created so it's always fun and games Phillies a little bit of fun of the seriousness of mix of everything that out over wrong. I would think he's felt appreciated or. Now that people believe in what he's doing hundreds show. He would be very happy to know that his work was not for nothing.

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{"duration":"0:45","description":"Muhiyidin Moye, 32, died on Tuesday in New Orleans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52938689","title":"Black Lives Matter activist mourned at vigil","url":"/US/video/black-lives-matter-activist-mourned-vigil-52938689"}