Blackbirds Fall Out of the Sky in Arkansas

New Year's Eve fireworks could be the cause of death for a flock of birds.
1:32 | 01/01/12

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Transcript for Blackbirds Fall Out of the Sky in Arkansas
That was out of Albert Hitchcock movie sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction. How else could you explain the day thousands of blackbirds fell from the sky indeed while the mayor -- -- or make when he called me. He got me up. At 4 o'clock in the morning to only have -- follow -- -- Milton color was one of the first BB employees outlast New Year's Day. Trying to deal with what has been -- -- the -- lips. Nearly twelve months later -- says Steele doesn't make much sense. Don't understand what happened still don't know. You know -- -- happen autopsy showed the birds died from blunt force trauma. Experts say something like fireworks likely scared the animal but it's impossible to know for sure. And conspiracy theorists Steele called the DB police department about once a week probably as long as the birds are here. Report. The conversation. Will continue. If you come dvd you'll still see thousands of blackbirds. And hear almost as many stores when the sun came up there have been. Several suspect over birds and their yards were to a Spanish through those -- -- this. You know. -- -- Well. -- lieutenant duke says the BB police department plans to increase patrols this weekend. To try and make sure that no one has the bird brained idea to try and recreate what happened last New Year's Day. By shooting off commercial grade fireworks for ABC news on Rodgers is it.

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{"id":15269759,"title":"Blackbirds Fall Out of the Sky in Arkansas ","duration":"1:32","description":"New Year's Eve fireworks could be the cause of death for a flock of birds.","url":"/US/video/blackbirds-fall-sky-beebe-arkansas-new-years-eve-fireworks-death-flock-birds-us-15269759","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}