From Blackhawk Pilot to MBA Student

Iraqi Helicopter Pilot Lindsey Melki working towards her MBA so she can give back to other vets.
3:00 | 09/18/12

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Transcript for From Blackhawk Pilot to MBA Student
I'm Bob Woodruff for ABC news and as part of our standing up for heroes program. -- had the honor of meeting veterans of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands of bats are looking for jobs and careers and our goal is to connect them with -- -- Who are leaders in their field. Who can share their knowledge and expertise. Recently -- down -- Lindsay Melky and army vet and Blackhawk helicopter pilot. Lindsey served part of -- active duty in Iraq. Where she received two air medals and logged over 500 flight hours now she is back on US soil. And earning her MBA at New York University where do you go directly when you've got out of West Point. I -- to Fort Rucker Alabama to IUS army aviation flight school to learn how to be a helicopter pilot that was your dreams via helicopter pilot. You know I honestly wasn't I was out West Point and it was time to pick what you wanted to do and I thought why would I not want to be a pilot who would not want to do. And I luckily -- I had the grades and I was able to get the slot and and went from 94 Y helicopter instead of of the picture I really like commission of the Blackhawk it's very personal -- to do little everything. I was able to transport troops -- able to bring our infantry and ground troops into. And any territory where they can get their high value target. Was able to -- way they can do the hard part -- -- picked him up when they were done. Did you have any fear. For your life. When you initially get -- you have that because you don't know what to expect to see an expected. Then you get older teens and news you focus on your mission in your job and and -- the fear almost becomes secondary you have a certain -- -- he had. Did you think about what you would do once you get out of the militant. Not at that time. I was I was just focus I was focused on my job and taking care of my soldiers. They get everybody home safely so that that was my myself for the fifteen month period -- the exact kind of work you wanna do. You know -- yet you're still in your first. Weak -- first months I am here NBA again a couple more years ago I -- -- know -- he wanted to. I've I've kind of come full circle and I think I'm slowly realizing what I want to do and a a foundation that. Hopes and continues to help veterans when they come home and soldiers I think it's actually something -- You think -- well trained in the military to go -- business. I -- be an MBA absolutely I do there -- some things that I lack I'm and that's why I'm here to learn need the corporate world in the lingo. But in terms of the leadership and management I think I have a good hold on that night just need to learn how to. Translate that transfer that to get to the corporate world and that's why I'm here -- the civilian world now. It is it is it it's definite change. But it -- a lot of ways it's it's also the same I mean a lot of the same values I think that I learned. Out west pointer of the military -- will absolutely keep with me here in the -- here now I'll take into the business -- with. I actually know -- -- and -- on an. Mountain. Michael Bloomberg. I think he knows what he's done I think so and he knows more about business than probably anybody else. And runs a gigantic corporation all the nice -- -- there. When he was saying to him when -- -- -- Ought to think about that passionate panties -- Irish shot at I want health. Have while. The afraid about that is that this is -- too big. Now AF courses intimidating. I'm I'm honored but I I can only imagine what knoller and I'm shocked. When -- -- teacher -- mentor. When you get in his position. Here. We have to remember them that there -- still soldiers. Out there and their families who are waiting for those soldiers -- home. And their families whose soldiers didn't come home. And we have to constantly address that week we cannot forget that so I hope to bring that. To my classmates here from the corporate world so that as a country we can come together and address the issues that need to be addressed when a soldier or family. I'm going -- some hard times of the next step for Lindsay -- to meet with her mentor. A businessman. The mayor of New York City. Michael Bloomberg.

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{"id":17266698,"title":"From Blackhawk Pilot to MBA Student","duration":"3:00","description":"Iraqi Helicopter Pilot Lindsey Melki working towards her MBA so she can give back to other vets.","url":"/US/video/blackhawk-pilot-mba-student-17266698","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}