Bob Woodruff Talks to Jessica Lynch About Her Recovery and Future 10 Years Later

Jessica Lynch on her controversial story, what she's doing and where she's going.
4:59 | 09/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bob Woodruff Talks to Jessica Lynch About Her Recovery and Future 10 Years Later
I am Bob would have just outside a campus of west Virginia university at Parkersburg because it is here -- -- very heroic and somewhat controversial soldier Jessica Lynch. Is about to get her master's degree in communications. -- during the US Iraqi invasion. She was badly injured she was held captive for nine days before being rescued at night by army Rangers. But it turned out that story was not entirely true. She has been on a ten year recovery now respected for -- but also for having the courage to tell the truth. I had the chance to talk to her about what she's doing and where she's bill. Jessica's been ten years as -- talk to us I was. In 2003. He still remember about that moment. When your badly injured over -- around. -- I mean it's. It is this an every day. Remember and I mean I wake up and I look at. The end ferries are a New England to -- in the morning. You know although that takes me back to that say -- -- I do I I wake up -- I I think to myself you know -- I'm so lucky and blessed to have. Gotten to come home and to have been rescued and made -- out of there -- what do you remember about that moment when you. Truck he -- to go a long term I remember her you know last crossing the bridge I remember. This certain white he had pull -- pick up truck and he kept passing -- -- and I remember that distinctly because. We just thought it was real me. Five it just didn't feel right -- they opened fire. But you you never shot -- and never shot back proud as I was. Gearing up to do that mine actually -- and for what was -- that this story. Shortly after that -- you were you rescued out of the hospital. Why will why would they saying that you were that you opened fire -- -- back. And you were badly injured that you were shot yourself -- which was true there's not really. We'll wait to find out really what happens. Adam I guess it's just kind of piecing together stories and and somewhere along the lines. You've -- a -- from high gas yeah yeah I day that I dead. And I felt that I had just. I had to set their records straight I mean that's just type of person that I am. I knew -- pay even ten years later I would not have been able to live with myself knowing that. I let those stories escalate. Remember all those years ago -- had parade celebrating music group and great hero and certainly a miracle saved by those brave. Soldiers that this saved your life I'm a walking along next year your vehicle hit that car -- -- the backing -- the seat on top. And I thought I -- A little discomfort -- something from you from also was was it because -- do you wanna have public attention or do you think was because I -- the -- -- -- story is not completely true. -- used -- any kind of public attention. Had seven heart that -- really wasn't. That he rare that they were trying to -- -- out to the pilot is. A soldier he was injured if you needed to be rescued and once that happens you know and then I just needed to focus one. Rehabilitation. And getting myself better I didn't. And went to a speak. The attention it -- surrounding it means that beautiful -- own six year old daughter does she know anything about what -- you back them. She is found a little banks and she's -- to -- to a couple of public appearances with me and she's heard me talk a little -- you know about the and -- and -- now is that I have to Wear the brain cell you know in the -- she likes to help me -- You naked -- and -- and headed on and she's issues that we -- baker house -- I would imagine that for shouldn't tell her the story about Europe you're -- hero and that you were saved the warning until the other details about this controversy. I don't know I I think you know kind of way Eaton and see when she starts asking questions it is you know I. Set aside her very own -- -- Says she likes to get out there and flipped through the pictures. That she hasn't really pass -- -- And he'd tell me. Like killing evaporate now because the nation it's only effects of -- So now -- your futures education he came back to you got your your BA in. And education and now I'm getting my master is CN and then I think my next goal because I always -- -- has. Set these small goals for myself I like you have something to look forward to you in and Internet that's what gets me the drive -- the ambition and and I -- them. I think after I graduate and then and that's brain that look forward to media doctored --

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{"id":20307581,"title":"Bob Woodruff Talks to Jessica Lynch About Her Recovery and Future 10 Years Later","duration":"4:59","description":"Jessica Lynch on her controversial story, what she's doing and where she's going.","url":"/US/video/bob-woodruff-talks-jessica-lynch-recovery-future-10-20307581","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}