More Body Parts Found in Hollywood Hills

Los Angeles police find hands and feet near where severed head was discovered.
1:40 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for More Body Parts Found in Hollywood Hills
Dozens of police officers and homicide investigators called Bronson canyon today in search of more body parts after a man severed head was discovered by two dog walkers yesterday in the brush along the hiking trail. This morning at cadaver dog found a hand about fifty yards from where the head was retrieved in the shadows of the Hollywood sign. This afternoon another hand -- -- And then early deceiving justice police were ready to call it today. The feet were found the LE PD says the condition of the body parts indicates this crime is a fresh -- We believe that death that this -- this crime this homicide occurred somewhere else and the the body parts that we're found. Have been transported here had at a later date after that after the homicide occurred. Police believe the body parts -- -- of a man forty to sixty years of age and that the victim could be European or our median dissent. They are looking for their missing person files in hopes of making a connection. They're also going door to door in this Hollywood Hills neighborhood looking for answers -- look at dollar records were -- through neighboring jurisdictions records have not found anything and -- -- right now one of the dog walkers who made the horrific discovery of the human -- yesterday told investigators one of the dogs she was walking wedded to the brushing came out carrying a plastic grocery bag in its mouth. As the dogs took the bag the head fell out on to the ground. Residents who use the popular hiking trail say this grisly find is too close for comfort it's -- real life sopranos. Yet so it's definitely at its axle -- on their fracking. It just seems that somebody. Did something really really really evil and you know spreading body parts -- lovers it's just horrible. This is lastly Miller reporting for ABC news.

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{"id":15394440,"title":"More Body Parts Found in Hollywood Hills","duration":"1:40","description":"Los Angeles police find hands and feet near where severed head was discovered.","url":"/US/video/body-parts-found-hollywood-hills-15394440","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}